How clear are you at describing yourself? words are quiet difficult to find.

How clear are you at describing yourself? words are quiet difficult to find.



one word for many.

One beauty of language is that one word can be used to describe many things, conversely many words can also be used to describe the same thing. For instance when you say something is good or bad they will try to imagine the physical form or appearance of that description. When you say something is good, what exactly do you mean? Words such as good or bad are too ambiguous to be left in a standalone mode, describe it at least a little further. When you say it’s bad, what do you mean exactly, people may ask, if it’s good how good is it, if it’s bad, how bad is that bad of yours?

Here is a list of words that can be used to describe both good and bad, please don’t skip the list, go through all the names, examine each word after another and see which one does not fit into the category.

Words used to describe something that’s VERY GOOD.

Fantastic; Absolutely fabulous; Great; Brilliant; Enormous; Amazing; Fascinating; Wonderful; Awesome; Impressive; Terrific; Cool; Stunning; Stupendous; Staggering;  In-effable; Electrifying; Intriguing; Excellent; Outstanding; Perfect;  Marvelous; Superb;  Exceptional; Nice; Attractive; Pleasant; Wowing; Worthy; Magnificent; Lovely; Best; Neat; Respectable; Satisfactory; Fresh.

Words used to describe something that’s VERY BAD.

Terrible; Horrible; Disgusting; Ugly; Unbearable; Gross; Clumsy; Repulsive; Filthy; Dirty; savage; Unholy; Brutal; Shrieking; Lousy; Lowly; Lurid; Despicable; ill; Evil; Abominable; Atrocious; Awful; Corked; Corky; Crummy; Deplorable; Disobedient; Distressing; Dreadful; Fearful; Frightful; Hard; Hopeless; Horrid; Icky; Incompetent; Lamentable; Mediocre; Naughty; Negative; No-good; Painful;  Pitiful; Poor; Rotten; Sad; Severe; Stinking; Stinky; Unfavorable; Unspeakable; Unsuitable; Worse; Worst; Uncomfortable; Spoiled; Stale; Regretful; Invalid; Inferior; Harmful; Risky; Unhealthy; Unfit; Unsound; Counterfeit;  Defective; Unworthy.

And the list goes on forever, as we can see it’s better to use either one of these words for people to understand you better than to simply say something is good or bad. Which words can be appropriately used to describe something in the place of the common words of “good” and “bad”? They all seem to fit, but many of them can better represent an idea or object if used appropriately.

The English language has evolved so much over the millennium, owing to the fact that it can be tweaked and moulded, adding new phrases or tweaking old words to form new ones. The English language is probably the most flexible of all languages owing its ancestry to all the others that came before it. With few to no rigid verbs, sentence structure, easy comprehension, unlike French where you have to know the conjugation of every verb before you can use it in your desired manner. English the native language of the angles and Saxons has spread so much to become the most widely used language in the world.

Even in areas where other native languages are spoken, English is often used for official purposes.




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