Hot women in arms, formidable female fighters are now on the frontlines defending the motherland

Hot women in arms, formidable female fighters are now on the frontlines defending the motherland




There was once a middle ages phrase that used to says, a nobleman instructs a knight, unto him he says, “go and protect the women and the children, fight for their freedom, defend the liberty of the weak and helpless,” but in this part of the world I don’t think you can confidently utter those words because many women are well armoured just the way men are, many are strong fighters in the frontlines so when calamity is about to fall the general says every man for himself, flee for your life and leave unto God the rest.”

They’d openly brag about their stars, badges & medals achieved over the years in combat. Men a few centuries ago simply went into the army to prove their bravery and to please their women, they nearly threw away their lives when they were trying to prove their competence to the ladies, today those ladies are fighting alongside them in the frontlines, “so what now?” they ask, “we live in the same camp, eat the same food, do the same training, then we go back home to our children.”

I hope none of them will go through the horrors of the trenches, or witness any of it, hope all will be able to go back to their homes safely, to their families.

When women were given their first assignments in the military, the male cadets wondered, these female comrades, should we be gentle towards them because they are ladies or should we be rough towards them just the way we are to our male counterparts because they too are soldiers?

How are the battle fields going to be like? Do they send in the ladies first to fight the women from the enemy’s side then the big boys take the second launch just as it is in sports profession? Or should they simply fight side by side? If some of them are captured by the enemy, I wonder what their fate will be. All we can do is just hope they will be okay.

“We should remember that they too have got families to feed,” says the commando, “it is not right to dismiss them from their duties on lame grounds.”

The warrior women of Hotallum, they are formidable female fighters




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