Here are things You should never mix with business

Here are things You should never mix with business



There are three things that do not mix…


We do not mix business with friendship. Some of the Friends or family working with you at the premise can be lousy, sleep on the job, cause damages and steal from you, they do this knowing they will get no disciplinary action because they are your friends. They pick apples at your grocery store refusing to pay simply because they are fond of you. For a business partner who was once your friend and is lagging behind in their work, if their project fails they might think you are stealing from them and may make plans to kill you.


We do not mix business with religious dogma, those that mix business with religion are like someone who mixes clay with iron, a person who is a religious devotee and successful merchant at the same time often forgets sometimes and starts injecting business practices in his sermons.


We do not mix business with politics, when a successful overseas traders is seen on numerous occasions associating with very popular politicians he might lose many of his/her customers, who might think his business is directly funded by the state or they have some fishy dealings with the government, also if he puts a flag of his country at the entrance of his every vendor store, customers will be appalled by this sign, they definitely turn to other stores where there are no intimidating flags, your flag as a global merchant as you may remember is your company’s brand and logo, nothing more than that is needed, if customers have faith in it, so do they have faith in your business and other products you provide.

It is not a wise thing to wave your country’s flag at your business premises for its really going to have a serious effect on your franchise. Patriotism is good for security and protection but not for business, if you are planning to do global business, what matters at the moment is your company’s flag, your brand name and your true identity. The other things come second, global markets are so competitive that a small thing such as loyalty pledge printed on your merchandise can easily taint your image, give your competitors an upper hand, it can easily put you out of business.




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