Giving Clear and direct instructions is the key to getting things done in any organization

Giving Clear and direct instructions is the key to getting things done in any organization




The first great challenge is to communicate your ideas down to the juniors till they fully comprehend your concept, the second challenge is supervising the project long enough till when everything is done according to the way you have envisioned it.

If you want to describe what it is, then state what it is not, if you want to know what is possible then imagine what is not possible, if you want to understand how things are to be properly done then express ways how they are not to be done.

If someone has to give a command to men having a drink in the bar, asking them to rise immediately and leave the counter as soon as possible. Then it must be from a soldier ranking higher than all present in the room, officials respond to commands from only those ranking higher than themselves, otherwise you are just another noisy billy.

Men respond to direct orders, women respond to persuasion. Men prefer plain direct language, women would love to interpret the real meaning of words spoken. The man will obey if you give them direct orders. The women reads clues from your own words focuses more on her own feelings and reasoning’s. So send direct orders to men and coded messages to the women.

Some things in leadership and life at large can only be achieved through command, I mean giving people clear direct instructions, but not shouting at them haphazardly. If you keep remaining too vague they say, you will end up achieving no objectives, people will ignore your requests to do something until they get direct instructions from you.

Are you going to continue begging your  subordinates to undertake their duties? Not unless you speak in a very authoritative yet very kind voice will they gain the confidence and assurance of you holding yourself accountable for all the work that is to be done, only then will they proceed to get the task accomplished.




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