Genetically Modified Foods or GMOs as they are commonly referred to should be removed from our store shelves once and for good

Genetically Modified Foods or GMOs as they are commonly referred to should be removed from our store shelves once and for good



Combo Meal

A scientist once said to his family, don’t we like rice, pasta, wheat, some pumpkins and lots of cello beans, instead of buying all these from different supermarkets, it would have been better if we combine all of them to become just one plant, they are all grasses by the way, they are all members of the same family, so he moves ahead with his pre-planned projects, plucks a pair of seeds from each plant and went into his laboratory where he stayed for three days, when he came out he had a whole new variety of food crops planted behind his garden. He had unfortunately created crop diseases which quickly spread to all the other crops in the green house, the disease caused all the other plants to wilt, it quickly spread to other farms, fields & gardens far away, it was too late, nothing could have been done to salvage this situation.

Lab Farm.

Scientifically enhanced foods are a threat to the society, when I first heard about food being tampered with, I stopped going to the grocery stores all at once, and all my perceptions about food on the shelves was changed forever. I began to dread food on the menus. The panic is so great, that if people hear that some scientist had showed up to buy food at their favorite grocery store, they simply stop buying food from there. I will therefore have to grow my own food in my own backyard, in fact there’s lots of space in my backyard, they are certainly not going to come and force their stale apples into my mouth.

How do you feel about eating food that is manufactured by another human being, who is just prone to error as you are? Be it plant or animal flesh it’s an instant ego killer, dining will no longer be the same, meal times are no longer the moments you get to enjoy your favorite meal, every family member starts to become suspicious of every food you bring to the table. Before you were called the breadwinner now they call you the potion maker for they must test everything on the table first before putting it into their mouths as it may contain countless poisons.

Some folks argue that if there is food at the grocery stores that is repulsive to you, “why don’t you simply grow your own food and continue with your life? Well to be frank it’s not that easy with this highly industrialized and modern lifestyles of ours.” When profit is factored in, it becomes a serious problem, if a farmer grows food for his/her own local consumption, he won’t put dangerous chemicals in it, but since it’s for the masses, who cares? There are very few chances that food grown from his farm will get back to his dining table in some form one day.

If farmers were to grow food for only local consumption, they won’t have to heavily use fertilizers or herbicides, if I am cash strapped and urgently need to do something to improve performance of a business, then I am forced to put small doses of poison into it in order to sell more produce, then I should be more than glad to do so.

I would never swallow anything that has been tampered with by the filthy hands of some mad scientists. Doing such a thing would be like signing your own death sentence, it’s like swallowing poison then while you lay down to rest, you watch your tummy slowly grow in size, it bulges outwards and bursts like a balloon.

A medic injects a tomato with caterpillar fluid, it swells, grows larger than average size. It killed all the bugs that tried to attack it, as it looked yummy and tasty a kid runs around the garden, picks it up, has a munch but later on his teeth fall off.

I will never touch any food prepared in the lab, poisoned by the filthy hands of the technicians, by this group of scientists who call themselves the grey eagles, they are driving themselves and the whole world into madness. They are the ones that are one hundred percent responsible for this.

How can I trust food touched by a mad scientist’s ink? He calls me an ignorant and empty headed ranger from a wild countryside while he calls himself the super intelligent elite, he thought he was making medicine to cure the nations of the world while he unknowingly prepared a poison that wiped out nearly everyone, all humanity suffered from his ill experiments, everyone including members of his own family were wiped out, none is spared, he sprayed his neighbors compound with red Necom, hoping to get rid of them quickly, unfortunately, his favorite child happened to like the neighbors kids, she ran over the following morning and rolled herself over the grass, in almost an instant her skin began to itch, she scratched and scratched until her skin bled, and ran back over to her daddy, and fell into his arms, her skin now full of pimples, “daddy daddy,” the grass in Emily’s home is full of bugs, they bite me everywhere, even now they are biting me” were the last words the child spoke.” To be honest which one of us acted more foolishly?”

I say this to that mad scientist who sits behind a crooked microscope in a dark room, he was once my friend,” do not think that your lab is secure, far away from the negative impacts of your experiments, you too shall feel the pain, if my family and I perishes so will yours, whatever my children eat is what your children will eat also, You secretly sterilized others while you yourself have fathered more than a hundred sons and daughters.” you think that you are doing it to others but you are doing it to yourself as well. I say to that guy in a white coat, leave that messy laboratory of yours and find a worthy career.

What puzzles me most is how did science get into our food stuffs? Long ago they used to do those experiments in a faraway country side on things that do not concern basic human needs, now it’s so shocking that it has come so close to our homesteads.

I can’t imagine myself eating food manufactured in the lab by humans, contaminated by their lethal chemicals, all things created by the hands of man are prone to decay and corruption, he can never create anything perfect.

Large scale industrialization of farming and standardization of food distribution and consumption is a contributing factor, if something good comes out of it, it benefits all, but if something wicked comes out of it all are affected, these are the pros and cons of centralized production, standardization of production, distribution and consumption of foods, though the benefits of food standardization outweigh the demerits, it still has noticeable downsides that need to be taken seriously into account.

The dark side of food standardization has now come to light. You might think you are eating a tuna when you are actually munching the flesh of a hammer head shark, you might be munching a crab’s pincers while you think you are eating lobsters and pawns. So much deception can be made in food servings.

The Dino Doctor

Man thinks there is something wrong with nature and the environment and therefore makes attempts to change it in order to suit himself, what he does not know is that the problem is right within himself, his way of thinking leads them to perform damaging acts towards nature. Man treats nature as if it’s an enemy, the only enemy to man is man himself. Mother Nature is simply a victim of man’s attempts to enrich himself quickly and bring himself great comfort.




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