Genetic Engineering has become an unethical wicked Practice that produces hybrid animals which look so horrible you won’t want to look at them

Genetic Engineering has become an unethical wicked Practice that produces hybrid animals which look so horrible you wont want to look at them



Creatures of mixed blood.

There is a scientist I have heard in my neighbourhood by the name Arnold Sterile, he gathers animals & small creatures in pairs, creatures from all parts of the animal kingdom he gathers together in his laboratory. When he has everything he needs he closes the door right behind him so that no one who passes near the entrance would see what he is doing, he then defiles them one after another before releasing them back to the wild saying this to them, “go forth and multiply in the woods, I have sown my seed in thee..”

When I peered into a secret part of his compound, I saw animals I have never seen before, because they do not exist anywhere in nature, nor history nor folklore, I couldn’t find any names for them. There was a creature trotting by, it had the body of a horse and the head of an eagle, another looked like a pig but had six legs and long ears like that of a rabbit, then I saw a dragonfly the size of a hen and had feathers with the wings of a kite, there were dogs that had two heads, there were ants and cockroaches that were the size of a cow.

When you look at the creatures that the scientist had created, they were a perfect replica of the beasts of the hades, the world of men cannot tolerate the presence of such creatures, so he hides them, they can be accepted in another realm but not in this one we live in. sooner or later his evil experiments shall be found out, and his laboratory will be forced to shut down or worse case be torched down, no person can tolerate the site of another human tampering with life as he please, as if he were a creator himself.

An entire generation of crooked scientists has come of age, the donkey’s years of evil science have just begun. They hope that creating living things in their laboratories might someday make them be like the almighty.

Who said you should crossbreed a goat with a sheep? Shepherds separate them, keep them in different pens and heard them separately, while you mad scientists come to mix their blood and perform cultic practices with their flesh.

Who said you can interbreed an elephant with a giraffe and a lion with a hyena? Let the bear remain a bear and the wolf remain a wolf. Never ever should you ever try to mix their blood!

Let a pumpkin remain a pumpkin and an eggplant remain an eggplant.

It would have been better if the so called good intentioned scientists never made those discoveries in the first place.

If they can successfully create living creatures from their laboratories, then it would make people sacrilegious, life itself will lose its meaning, as people will no longer have reverence for holy things, nor try to uphold virtue nor give any love to their fellow humans, a mad rush to the laboratories begins as everyone will also want to be a creator, build their own creatures according to their own desires to use in whatever manner they wish.

These creatures which were once perfect have now become unsanctified because of their misdirected experiments. It is high time rogue scientists should stop mixing blood of creatures absolutely different from one another. Foul beasts of unidentifiable forms come out of their laboratories. They appear as if they rose from the Hades itself, and were out to infect the offspring’s of humans.

Your intellect as you had foolishly thought would bring you great glory has brought you great shame instead, people shrieked and cringed and were greatly horrified at the things you produced, and they wish you had never entered your disgusting laboratories in the first place.

 Man Makes Man.

Because those scientists are playing the Maker, some day they might drive themselves into madness trying to imitate the works of the divine. Maybe this is the reason why man was not allowed to live forever, so as to reduce the extent of his treachery, the desires of his heart are so big as the universe itself, so the Maker saith unto his servants, “man is trying to make himself look smart, so I will go down there and slash the days of his living tenfold, so that he can stop his mad ambitions, for they have turned away from vague truth and sing the songs of the heathen.”

Imagine if mad scientists could live to see a hundred and fifty years, or say two hundred and fifty, that’s a quarter a century, what level of contamination could they have done?, that’s why man’s days were cut short, because his wicked experiments on animals were ever growing too cruel.

Science has always been a good friend of ours, it has helped us improve our way of living, reduce the effects of natural disasters and solved many problems we could not have done on our own.

But when it begins to touch things that are sacred to life, itself. Then it is no longer the wonderful old friend we shared a home with, but a snake in the grass. When it tampers with the order of life, and jumble living things into disarray, we need to distance ourselves as far away as possible from it.

I have a feeling that it’s my duty to warn my brother from secretly performing heinous experiments at the back of our garage, it will be upon him if he listen or put any of what I say into practice.

When I see them create those horrible creatures on a daily basis and there is no one there to stop them it hurts me a lot, I wish I carried a lightning rod with me as I walk past their laboratories, then strike them with a flash of fury, to hit them hard till they lose their minds completely, its only then will they stop conducting their disgusting experiments. Their work shall hopefully come to a halt. They prove how silly science can be.

Man is so foolish that he tries to create another human to serve him. No scientist is crazier than the one who tries to create another human, no experiment is more evil than the one that tampers with life.

As the old saying remains audible, no human can create another human. They still refuse to admit this vague truth, but stubbornly proceed with their mad projects hoping they will turn up successful.

I can’t wait to see that happen, an age when man makes man, then many more copies of himself and commands them to serve him.




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