Find a way to get things done at your own pace, excessive pressure from others may cause you to fumble


Find a way to get things done at your own pace, excessive pressure from others may cause you to fumble





To some people, your success may mean nothing to them, they’ll even despise your achievements, what matters is what it means to you. Have I achieved any level of progress in the past five months, or could I be stagnating, taking two steps ahead and one backward?

A guy was very joyful after being promoted at his place of work from being a branch supervisor to becoming a regional director and took control of office of all imports branch, of a construction company. This enabled him to move away from his pitiful ghetto he called home to a lavish middle class neighborhood, he was so over joyous  because he has worked very hard for the company for over fifteen years, now he’d achieved  the promotion he long yearned for.

To his astonishment his new neighbors were not friendly let alone being happy for him, their actions and behaviors clearly suggested he was not welcome there. “Isn’t that the guy who lived under a Railroad bridge near that stinking neighborhood? What does he want here?” they mumbled at one another, many people will not appreciate your hard struggle only those who have gone through the same experience will truly understand. Some people may understand success as acquiring a certain amount of money, buying a new car, or moving into a new home, others understand as improvements in social relations, overcoming a bad habit, completing a hefty project etc. each person has his/her own understanding & view of what success is. What matters most is “what does it mean to you?”


Even though he had moved to a more comforting lifestyle and driving a SUV, the neighbors see it as nothing. Many of them had inherited their wealth, they don’t know what it feels like to live from hand to mouth, and then all of a sudden you are delivered from your misery by some generous executive.





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