Feminist ideologies and doctrines may be destroying the minds as well as lives of many women

Feminist ideologies and doctrines may be destroying the minds as well as lives of many women




Due to peer pressure from the workplace, motherly work these days is perceived as an embarrassing lifestyle by many high profile women, things like basic home cleaning, if you mention the word such as cooking it’s enough to stir up anger in them, things that were previously thought to be typical of the sect. It’s not that the work is hard, but the humiliation that comes with it is so unbearable. “We cannot risk being jeered at by our female workmates,” they say so. There are those who refuse to change a baby’s napkin and deny their babies breast milk, then they start to face breast problems, when they run to the doctor for help he tells them the very same thing they had dreaded to hear.

Then the man offers to help, he says he will be off from work for a while, therefore takes charge of the babies for a short while, when the mother goes for a leave, if the man does not have a strong emotional connection with the babies as the mother is, he quickly gets tired, does chores half-heartedly, when he finds difficulty managing them and doing the small little things, he abandons them and goes to lock himself in his room. He thought he would last months, now he hasn’t stayed two weeks, and things are already getting tough, “away with these noisy babies, away with these wiggling worms,” he says, “if they don’t shut up by midnight tomorrow morning I will place them in carton boxes and put them out in the sun to dry, so that at least I am at peace for a minute. Wouldn’t it be better to spend your entire years in some noisy factory than to waste your time in this nasty house?”

When the mother unexpectedly returns halfway from her vacation, she finds the house in a complete mess, she immediately starts to scream, the moment she opens the door she does not believe her eyes, clothing is scattered all over the place, some hanging on the sofa, the windows, some on the floor, there is a loud music playing in the background, there are taps running in the kitchen and bathroom, the walls have been painted with crayons by a toddler, they zigzag from left to right, another kid is dragging his brother on the floor, while there is an infant screaming loudly.

“what did you do Ricky, what did you do?” exclaimed the woman, Ricky her husband was now in the master bedroom, fixing a television set that was broken by the kids days ago, he therefore didn’t hear her coming. She slammed the room’s door open, “how could you let this happen when you are here?” she yelled at him. “What?” he replies without looking. When he turns his head up he’s equally surprised. “Oh! It’s you Belinda, you are back, how come you are here early, you said you won’t be back in six weeks, what happened?”  “It’s just that the project was cancelled halfway,” she replied, “OK, that’s nice to hear, it sounds good news,” he says calmly. “These kids of yours are giving me a hard time,” he told her “whose kids?” barked the lady, “aren’t they also your kids.

Who fathered them, isn’t it you?” “well that may be true to some extent, the fact that they carry your genes, they are a reflection of your stubborn nature, you never seem to believe anything I tell you, OK well, you see I don’t break things, while your kids are wreaking havoc all over the house,”  ” so who’s character is that? Are you saying mine or yours? “Asked the woman.  ”When your son did well in school, you proudly said that’s my boy, and when your child does mischief, you say you are just typical of your mother. Are you blaming me for their ambitious nature, Ricky?” says the woman. Now they begin to cast blame upon one another, their conversations dragged on for hours and slowly turned into  a bitter quarrel, Ricky on realising  things are getting worse he left the living room and went outside, he locked himself into his garage pretending to be repairing some engine parts.

When a modern day Western, Eastern or Central woman tries to relax in her house a bit to make her home comfortable, some of her female co-workers who have no families of their own to take care of come and say this to her, “you are a disgrace to other women for conducting embarrassing household chores, you are the one letting down our strong union, look at you, you should be ashamed of yourself, the ages of being treated as door mats has long passed, come with us we will show you better things to do, like getting involved in international affairs, and global merchandise,”

When she refuses to follow them and tells them that she had made up her mind to stay with her family that weekend, they are greatly infuriated, they try to destroy her reputation at the workplace so that she may not be able to go back to her job. They begin to fight her using very dirty methods.

When they see one of them settled down in the privacy of her house breastfeeding her new-born, they secretly take photos of her exposed chest and post those photos on the world wide web, They first edit them to make them appear gross, before sending them out for everyone to see, in an attempt to embarrass her and stop her from breastfeeding, what in the world is happening? These are natural needs, Instead of encouraging the lactating mother for having got a beautiful bouncing baby, they try to break her morale further.

I was once seated in a bus next to a mother who was nursing an infant of about a year and a half or two years old, she breastfed her baby right there in the open, she cared not who was watching or what people were going to say to her or one another, right in front of her there was another mother who had a slightly older child but she was feeding her child with a bottle, she turned and said to the one beside me, “that big boy of yours is going to suck you dry if you continue to keep him that close to your brea**,” she took the bottle her baby had and handed it over to her saying, “let him try this, there’s is still some milk inside,” when she placed it on her baby’s mouth, he pushed it away, when she tried it the second time, he jerked off the bottle which slipped from her hands and fell onto the floor, “what’s wrong little prince?” asked the other woman, “I don’t suck cow’s milk,” said the baby and proceeded to search for her mother’s brea**, “the child is scared and furious, what makes you think he will easily accept milk from a stranger,” said another passenger beside them, ” moreover, that is not a calf that you should force it to suck cow’s milk,” she added.

To those that speak rudely to women struggling to raise their young, I wish their mothers had tossed them in the garbage cans the very moment they were born, so they won’t be causing others trouble as we see it now.




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