Fear of the taxman & the new forced labor.

Fear of the taxman & the new forced labor.


There are two people who strike fear into my heart the moment the sight of them shows up, the lawman and the taxman, coincidentally it’s the people who give them this power to intimidate. The tax man is said to be so mean, he takes away everything and gives back nothing.


If you want me to give away lots of money to my employees, then you should give me that extra cash which you want me to top up on their salary.

Why are we paying too high a tax? When it comes to collecting taxes, civil authorities will show no mercy.


Global tax rates have skyrocketed in the past decades, citizens of every nation are increasingly paying a higher tax level than before and are now beginning to complain about it. An angry worker from the quarry returns home complaining, “why am I paying too high taxes, am I doing a volunteer work for the state? this is worse than forced labor, is manual labor slowly turning into forced labor? better to do work and not get paid than for someone to overwork you, pay you flimsy cash then takes it all back while you watch.” citizens of many nations often complain that they fear the state often robs them of their hard earned cash,”

You toil so hard for years on your own and when you now have achieved a fortune the taxman comes in to take it all away, he drains you of your life giving blood. People have always hated tax collectors in all ages, there was nothing ugly like being called a tax collector. A mean agent that often takes advantage of the poor. The sight of the taxman brings feelings of gloom and resentment to the homes of the poor.

Jeremy saw a middle aged man walking down the alley towards his street, as he gazes onto his face, he found that it was familiar and wanted to meet him, he had with him nearly half a dozen bags which he struggled to carry. Jeremy offered to help him with the luggage as he felt sorry for the struggling man. He carried the other half of the old man’s luggage for another three hundred yards till he reached safely home. The elderly fellow feeling relieved thanked jimmy greatly, he then dug his hand deep into the left inner pocket of his coat and brought out a wallet, removed some few notes which he counted before handing them over to Jeremy, “this is just to get yourself some cola to boost your energy, may your youthful strength continue to give help to the elderly.” He said to him.


A guy was watching the entire event from over the bridge through a binoculars. He descended down speedily as he shouted to Jeremy, “stop, stop,” Jeremy stood still, searched with his eyes around to see who was shouting at him, when he saw someone running towards him in a hat, he waited for him to get near, “don’t you walk away on me like that, you need to pay taxes.”  So this was a tax man in disguise, he snatched the pieces of notes from Jeremy’s hands only to find they were negligent after counting. He slammed them back onto his chest and walked away, “I thought you were carrying zillions worth of notes,” he said and walked away.

The Mean taxman is always on the lookout




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