Fake identity and anonymity may be a form of security.

Fake identity and anonymity may be a form of security.




In the cities, people can live a more careless life because they only remain anonymous, and after their actions are revealed no one bothers much to talk to them since they are just another face in the crowd, in the outskirts of towns and villages that would be nearly an impossible dream to achieve.

Job and I once lived in a small town where everyone knows everybody, when he left it became apparent to all the others that one member of the community had gone missing, so they asked his mates, “Where is your friend? It has been a long time since we haven’t seen him.”

Also when something secretly happens whether its good or bad, it spreads quickly, word moves really fast around here, and you don’t want to find yourself in a situation whereby you are falsely accused of doing something shameful. Everyone here including little children will forever ridicule you for that, otherwise you should probably move to a new town, and find yourself a comfortable dwelling over there.

Birds of brains.

There are things that are difficult to describe and distinguish say for instance the common creature referred to as the bat, “is it a bird or is it an animal?” it has got teeth of which it can bite with, has its body covered with hair and suckles its young and therefore qualifies to be an animal, on the other hand, it has huge wings, at dusk they swarm out of the caves in their tens of thousands and blacken the evening sky as they move out to find food, such a feature therefore enables it to join the group of birds and call itself one of them so what is a bat? Is it a bird or a beast?




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