fake fans.

These so called fans make demands that somehow trouble me a lot, they say we want to see more from you, make at least a short film about yourself, so that we can know you better, then I said to them, what you have seen of me  already is enough which of course is my voice, I have nothing more to show off to you, some said that they are real fans and I depend heavily on them to spread my sales pitch, I should therefore not try to disappoint them by hiding my bling bling.

It’s quiet obvious that they were not fans before they bought my books, they became the so called fans after reading a couple of titles, which they found screaming out there to them from the bookshelves to buy, if they think that I depend on fans to improve my sales channel then they are deceived.

I have intentionally chosen to keep my identity secret to keep my sales volume at the  optimum level, readers would learn of me more through others than through myself, as  I have already written this, the more mysterious an author is, the more likely the reading of his books will spread.

It’s not important what I look like, what matters is the information we share between on another, I thank readers greatly for their critical reviews, and extensively detailed emails. When an author decides to hide their face from the public, it doesn’t mean they look like an alien from mars, or some gothic stone sculpture, it’s just that they haven’t yet found they right time and purpose to avail themselves.

False praises. 

It’s like the feeling you get when somebody gives you encouraging words then later you realise they were just doing it for the sake of pleasing you, they never actually meant any of that.

With excitement you brag to others saying, “You see at least there are persons among you who appreciate what I am doing, and appreciates my work to the fullest, at long last, I have got to win someone’s appeal.”

Absorbed in your excitement you later realise that they never really meant what they said, they just did it to please you.

 So my work may not be that brilliant after all? Those guys were simply pampering me! Uh! What now.




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