Experiencing the traumatizing publicity that comes with instant fame is like being stung by a swarm of bees.

Experiencing the traumatizing publicity that comes with instant fame is like being stung by a swarm of bees.





This is what happens to someone who comes out of anonymity and instantly rises to prominence, the attention of the crowd diverts away from whatever place it was focusing on unto him/her. You do something insignificant, somebody else finds out about it, and it shoots you to fame, onto a world stage.

How do they handle such a situation? People plunged into success they never really prepared for. It becomes like a game of hide and seek, or cat and mouse, whichever way you describe it to be that’s up to the one experiencing the waves of change, these fellows no matter how hard you try to hide your private life, they’ll certainly find you, you can never hide from them forever, they say to you, “we just wanted to say hello, so we stopped by to greet you, are we welcome here today?”

Because they have taken something the people set their eyes unto it. They’d be like that child who was playing in the fields one afternoon when she found some honey comb stacked in a tree’s bark, she takes some of it and runs off, in an instant all the bees are after her, they sting her on her head, on her face, her hands, everywhere, wherever she runs, they follow her behind, they could smell the honey in her hands. When there was no place safe for her anymore in the fields, she went and hid herself under a trash can, every time she raises her head to look around they’d sting her again and again. Luckily about an hour later the bees were gone, still she remained there in her den, thoughts of bee sting haunting her, she wanted to uncover herself once again and chase the butterflies, and it wasn’t possible, she had to wait till evening when grown-ups had to come to help her out. Her playtime was all ruined; an entire afternoon supposedly full of joy and fun was ruined, just because of the little honey she took.

 Such a fellow is similar to the one who finds a group of people watching an entertaining football match, when he comes out of nowhere, snatches the ball and runs off with it, their only source of entertainment. They are left with no choice but to go after him into every hole he tries to hide himself in, they’ll chase him long distances until they take back what belongs to them.

Too much fame could be harmful to one’s social life; you can’t even do anything without anyone noticing. Everywhere you go people crowd over them like bees on a honeycomb. Not a thing is reserved. It feels good to have such higher esteem, but in reality it’s much more terrifying than people really ever imagined. That’s why we prefer  to remain anonymous , being recognized for ones achievements is a good thing but not to the extent of which even the most private activity of a person’s life gets into the eyes Of the public, that’s a no go zone.

Too much publicity is harmful to one’s health and wellbeing.




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