Exile a new home

Exile a new home




Ninety percent of citizens in many countries don’t trust their governments, ninety nine percent of those governments don’t trust their citizens, and a keen eye must therefore be kept behind every citizens back just to make sure he doesn’t do anything that may endanger the lives of his fellow citizens.

What started as a simple disagreement and condemnation against the brutality of the state later turned out to be a war between two men, one is sitting in office running the country while the other has been exiled into a cast away island where he seeks refuge, he asks the natives to cover him with banana leaves so that the spy planes sent by the evil king do not see him from the skies.

The fugitive claims that the king is mean and is using royal treasury to fund his evil campaigns, in return he is obliged to attack the nation’s supplies to weaken the king, the king on the other hand mobilizes the nation in an attempt to put this man wondering the planet in chains. Both say they love their motherland and their people. Conflict between these two giants brings suffering to the common man. These men are simply torturing ordinary citizens to settle their personal disputes.

After conquering most part of the known world, Alejandro was sitting in the palace quarters in the beautiful city of Byblos, when a hill girl came to him and asked, “Why do you still continue to fight when you have gained everything you have ever desired for? Please turn back home and enjoy a peaceful life with your newly acquired riches (of course with me as your wife)” stop this bloody campaign of yours lest it should cast shadow upon your own life.” Alejandro then raised his head from his pillow and barked, “this isn’t what I was after, all these treasure is a loot for my people, spoils of war, none of my countrymen ever worked for it anyway, neither will you find any of these treasures in my kingdom, back at home, some of these cities are ten times richer than our own. What I am after is not wealth of our foes, but influence, I would want my name to be known in all parts of the habitable world. It’s hard to build an empire, and much harder to maintain”




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