Everything Wrong with media interviews and Debates

Everything Wrong with media interviews and Debates


I have seen how some of the media personnel curl themselves behind a camera like a chameleon then throw questions at interviewees , sometimes in a provoking way and when the interviewee accidentally says something wrong, it becomes the focus of the evening news, it is repeated more than ten times within an hour, “can you believe that, the YOGOS firm manager has just called foreign contractors JACKALS who suck your account dry without producing any results, do you know what the consequences of such a phrase would be, we will lose valuable investors which could hamper our city’s development, ” on and on they repeated the old man’s words creating a whole range of variations to it. 

But when you actually listen keenly to the interview you find that the firm director had said something quite different and what he meant was not really as it was portrayed. The man behind the camera had asked him about dogs and how they compare to their wild brothers the jackals, he in turn replied that jackals are worse than dogs because they are of no use to man the way dogs are, the askers voice was surprisingly lowered while that of the interviewee significantly raised to make it look like what was replied had no relations with what was asked. 

Some media persons can psychologically victimize and discourage their specimens for as long as they please without fear of a similar possible reverse action done against them. 

Somebody’s answering a non-existent possibly imaginary questions, they struggle to find answers to reply to while their mean interrogator enjoys a secure hideout behind a camera, they have an apparent feeling of complete absence yet still very influential in the present meeting.

Such cases are also evident when you see entire portions of a speech or conversation left out to focus on some small nasty segment that interested the reporter most. In such cases you can never fully comprehend what the entire conversation was all about or what was in the speakers mind when he spoke in a given way. “they stirred him with sole hurting words  then crawled back behind cameras to capture all his violent reactions on live television, when media personnel insults a prominent  figure then it’s okay, it’s called justice, but when the same is done otherwise, then its frowned upon as media oppression, persecution etc.”  




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