Everyone and everything is now going global

Everyone and everything is now going global


However, the word global has lost its value as a way of commanding attention and respect from others, I do global commerce, global trade and research etc. saying to others that your business conducts global merchandise is not enough to convince them that your business is of a kind worth putting their trust into. You have got to put in much, so much more.


He has become a merchant of many nations.

Two guys who once knew each other met as executive officers of rival companies… “hey Derik, how did you get into the ranks of TLLC Corp?” to others in the boardrooms it looked like they have known one another for a really really long time, then the other fellow reminded him of what they were there for, “…… would you pretend for a minute that you do not know me?” said Derik, we have more serious matters at hand.”

The world markets are different, there are places where if you work hard and be patient a bit you easily achieve your success, but there are places where no matter how hard you work, you can never achieve anything, you get what is barely enough to feed your family.


A time will come when national trade barriers will have very little effect, humans are highly mobile and stubborn creatures no matter how restricted they are, they’ll always find a way to do business in hostile conditions all over the world.





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