Everybody wants the best cheapest, people want to buy a good quality car for just a penny and a good quality house for just a pound

Everybody wants the best cheapest, people want to buy a good quality car for just a penny and a good quality house for just a pound




Everyone wants to buy at a cheaper price to save a few coins, they’ll get their hands onto things they are obliged to only.

There’s literally none who has excesses of cash to squander away, as some people may think. Why do people want very excellent goods yet they are unwilling to add an extra dime to get it, if we continue to bargain any further down, we might reduce the price so low that they will end up paying nothing for it, if possible they could ask you to give it to them for free, they care not about all the hard work the producer has put into making their product so far, as long as they get what they want at the price they want. They complain that some retailers charge too high a price, and are taking advantage of the uninformed public, they too appear to be trying to take advantage of the situation, and they are offering to pay too low a price.

A shopper visits a shoe store in the streets of the city when he was traveling abroad, the good thing about this part of the world, everything is out for bargain, and there are no fixed prices of most things sold in the streets. With only the exception of a few supermarkets and outlet stores, so whatever you get depends on your luck and your bargaining power. When the shopper asked the vendor the price and was told, he was amazed, “isn’t that supposed to be cheaper?” he exclaims, “What’s your quote then?”  Asks the vendor, the shopper in turn quotes a price much lower than half of what the vendor had proposed. He becomes angry at hearing this, and takes it as an insult, and therefore sends the shopper away angrily, “you want to buy a cow at the price of a chicken? Go on, I hope you will find vendors who are willing to sell at the price you are willing to pay for, see ya later!” the shopper walks away giving also bitter remarks. “You think your shoes are so special, you are selling worn out sack-cloths at the price of golden boots, whom do you think is foolish enough to buy your so called boots? Maybe a drugged person I may guess.” well the interaction isn’t supposed to end this way, most bargains end well with either the  seller giving off their goods at an agreed affordable price or the shopper bidding the seller farewell hoping to get their desired goods further down the road.

“If you are not smart enough, then you can easily be duped by these vendors on the streets,” Is the common phrase people warn new shoppers that come to this place, foreigners especially are targeted with prices almost four times its actual cost, if you do not speak the local language then it becomes difficult getting your way through.

Benson almost paid with a pound of flesh on that good. Had he not known how to bargain he would have been ripped-off.




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