English my language my life

English my language my life




Some Brits say, “the Yankees have corrupted our language, the pure tongue of the angles & Saxons, they adopted it first then while trying to learn it well they easily corrupted it and then spread to the other parts of the world as if it were their own, they have brought great confusion to those who are trying to learn our language.

This is what has happened to us, the Yankees call crow a dove while the name of the crow they give it to a dove, they have absolutely swapped everything, every noun every verb and every vowel they have shuffled, even the sayings and proverbs have not remained unchanged.

The Yankees know no English only a surface layer & vocabulary, they can never purely speak the language of the Norsemen, the beautiful language of the angles and Saxons.

When The Angles said, the mayor goes back to town on his donkey,

The Yankees said, the mules have muck

When The Angles say, when the cock crows  you know its morning

The Yankees say when your Chihuahua beckons then know its breakfast

When The Angles say, pay your rent to your landlord on time

The Yankees say, send in your checks before you are zonked out,

When the angles say this is my lady she is a loving kind, chaste wife, I am very proud of her

The Yankees say this is my chubby, she is a hot, horny, curvy, girlfriend, I am very content/satisfied of her.

When the Angles say I am walking a few kilometres back to my home,

The Yankees say I am trekking a few miles back to my roots,

When The Angles say, prune your gardens early so they will not be infested with weeds and herbs

The Yankees say, grow weed in your backyard and use it to enlighten yourself.

When The Angles say, “thanks for the tool you gave me last night, it works like a miracle.”

The Yankees say, “thanks for the gadget you handed over to me last night mafriend, it works like magic.”




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