English is hard

English is hard




English is hard, though we try to speak it well, we still can’t say the words correctly. If those fellows were to teach you your mother tongue today I am sure after many years of study you still won’t be able to say/pronounce the words correctly.

Only those people who do speak the language are the ones that can recognise the different ascents to it.

The beauty of English language is how easily it can be manipulated to achieve your understandings.

Our new translator, we gave him an English name, instead of calling him Vashisto Wa*-;#@#-%^$%, Bartomwelowonje, we called him William Earth, Mr Earth, has then been working with us here for a pretty long time now, we are still looking for a way to consider him as one of the nominees to the international committee to fund names, he is a brilliant verbaliser & we do believe he stands a chance. Do stick with us for the mean time, Mr William is my right hand man when it comes to learning languages, combine your agility with occidental style.

I enjoy listening to people speaking English in their own native ascent, the way they pronounce words sounds beautiful, you hear someone speak, then after they are done and someone else repeats those words do you learn then that they were actually speaking English, not some strange other language, English is hard.




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