electricity the father of all deadly electronics

electricity the father of all deadly electronics



Electricity is the father of all electronics

Our world was pretty dark and quiet before electricity came along .

If one was to fly high above the clouds at night time to look at the world below, they’ll see a glittering globe, contrary to what it was centuries ago.

 however electricity can be very dangerous if not properly used, I am really sad to say that many wonderful lives have been taken by electrical or electricity related accidents.

Electrocutes song.

Let’s sing our little song of electrons

I see the transformers like a lethal piece of luggage in a balcony

Steady streams of current

Flowing in and out like the slump Nile.

Electrons buzz and hum, giving a warning signal to passers-by

Saying, if you dare get any closer we shall electrocute you.

We shall roast you like a chicken, we shall burn you until when you

Are black like coal.

Don’t dare touch that wire, my friends the trons live there,

They shall suck blood right out of you, when you touch them

They will make you shake and tremble like the tail of a rattle snake, then drop down to the ground formless and breathless.

The electrons you shall dare not touch.




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