Elected leaders are the puppets of the people

Elected leaders are the puppets of the people




The people of today, they have no respect for their leaders, they shout at them, and draw very close to them almost spitting onto their faces, they said unto them, “didn’t we send you into power with the casting of our votes? We put you into office, what power do you have which you don’t owe it to us? Didn’t we donate a thousand tons of gold to fund your campaign? Listen carefully to our instructions first,” they say.

“we brought you into power and gave you the vast dominion you have over the country, now you must do things in our way, shut up and listen carefully to what we tell you, if you sleep on the job we shall have you punished terribly, if you shut your ears on us, or disobey even a single command we give, we shall kick you out of office.

From this moment on you shall therefore never do anything without our approval neither shall you have secret operations, nor do things in the background without our knowledge, if we discover you have been doing heinous things behind our backs then without warning we shall have you thrown out of your post and put someone else in its place.

The leaders then respond, “Yes we heard you, thank you for your support you have given us all through, we appreciate every little effort you have made throughout these years. Now it’s our turn to take on the responsibility of looking after the nation, there is something you must also understand. In as much as you would like your voices to be heard we too need enough space to think freely and make important decisions, having voted for us doesn’t earn you the right to push us around, we too are humans so speak openly about your discontentment but remember to keep your distance, do not cross the boundary lines just as we had agreed earlier.”

weekly revolutions.

Politicians have to make lots of promises during their campaigns, otherwise people will not elect them to office. Every government that comes to power has plans to bring a revolution to all sectors of the society, education, health, finance, international relations, etc. many governments come and go but the lives of the citizens  will always remain the same. Some things do change, indeed many are improved but there is a lot more that remains the same as it has been for ages. How much really can a government achieve in its lifetime? In its duration in office if I may ask?

 We surely don’t wish to have a society that is constantly changing color, like a chameleon’s skin.

If the leaders are continually pressured to perform, to reveal the fruits of their stay in office, then some might mess things up in an attempt to please their unthankful citizens, what if there is no major problem that ever rises for them to solve, what if things go on smoothly as they have done before and no big problem hits the country, will the people still call their leaders and condemn them because they have improved nothing? Does every leader that enters office have to come up with something new? “We want lots of improvements and new things” is the song they have always sang. Even maintaining the stability of a county, province or nation is still work. Things could have gone haywire without their belittled efforts. It looks like the citizens of this county are bored holidaymakers who have got lots of time to watch others’ backs.

For sure no leader has ever been to office without facing intense criticism. A president is the most insulted person in the country and most blamed, all the citizens point fingers at him.

 “When in positions of power and influence people try to manipulate you like a puppet for their amusement, one day when you find yourself in such a situation you shall understand,” says the parliamentarian, “that they try to control you for their own selfish interests.”

Royalty of the old.

Royalty in the olden days was a very prestigious thing, there was nothing more glorious than watching a king and a queen before their people, those days are forever gone never to return, there was both bright and dark side of these systems, when a wise king ruled long enough, he transformed the nation in every aspect to proudly stand above all others, glittering with brilliance and majesty, but when a foolish king comes to power, he undoes everything that the ten previous kings had worked hard to achieve, he destroys everything

Once it used to be said a king’s decisions had led to the downfall of a nation, but then the power was taken away from the aristocrats and was given to the people, now it’s the people that are misbehaving, characterized with poor decision making, whom can it be blamed on if it’s not them?

In the olden days people honored their leaders greatly and entertained them, they brought them gifts and presents, highly esteemed they were because the lives of the people depended on them, the people of today have become independent. It’s rather the government officials that depend on the ordinary folk.

Now it’s the opposite, peoples of today no longer have the burden of entertaining a royal, they therefore resort to insults, mockery and name calling and would not appreciate contributions they have made to their countries.




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