Early missionary work was greatly overshadowed by the slave trade

Early missionary work was greatly overshadowed by the slave trade




The work of the missionaries  in the Coast of good hope, was often overshadowed by  the work of the slave traders, people perceived them as potential foreign enemies who had come to bring suffering to their people and take away their land, the villagers saw strange looking people come take away their relatives, the ones you loved the most and greatly depended upon, then after they are gone, another group comes in and starts preaching to you, the same  people, “how do you expect us to listen to them?” they ask one another, with such negative experiences in the past that emerged from slave trade, missionary work was equally opposed exactly the same way colonialism was.

When they saw slave traders come to take away their relatives, families and friends away, they instantly perceived all white men as evil raiders of humans so they opposed every other white man that landed on their beaches including the Christian missionaries who came to preach the good news, they fought them endlessly.

Missionaries endured great hardship many of which no ordinary believer would bear, they battered harsh climatic conditions and lived from hand to mouth, if though want to be a missionary then you should think twice




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