Doctor Quill-The master of all Scribes.

Doctor Quill-The master of all Scribes.




When the scribe is given space, if it’s as huge as the palace or as small as the prison cell, they will always find a way to position themselves appropriately and let their imaginations wonder away, authors have no limit to what they can write or how far their minds can travel, I made this solemn promise to myself that inside my texts, I shall put in all my strengths and skills, I don’t do it for what I get out of it but for the mere fact that I enjoy doing it, a labour of love I believe.

Authors of the old were indeed marvellous, they gained nothing (financially) from their writing and publication yet they continued to do so, they worked tirelessly to have their work published and get it into the hands of the readers. The words they had put on papers were so precious that they’d sacrifice anything to ensure others get a chance to read them, unlike our modern day authors who are motivated by profit, I am not entirely motivated by profit (I hope). My main goal I believe is to share the message I have with others and in the process those fellows will toss me back a few cents in exchange for a satisfactory read.

Readership & subjects of interest change with time. For a reader to accept the contents of a text as genuinely fabulous, it must somehow reflect their way of thinking, understanding, knowledge & beliefs, so that when an author says something the reader instantly replies back psychologically, saying, “oh well yeah, I was about to say the same thing,” in many cases the author is somehow forced to write from the readers point of view and not his/her own. Stories have to take the shape of popular beliefs, otherwise no one will ever want to touch or even look into your work.

In early times when people were once very superstitious of the world around them, stories took the shape of mysterious adventures, fairy like creatures, visits to strange worlds etc., dominated the plot. Fast forward that to the modern world, there are many things going on around the planet that most people are not aware of or do not know anything about, conspiracy theorists therefore find a solid ground to establish and defend their arguments, as techno cities spring up so does techno books describing in details of how to live in those cities and many more marvellous tales of lives of dwellers in those cities.

Back then stories were communally owned, they were shared freely from one person to another, not like now when every single tale is sold for a fortune, you pay lots of money just to listen to a silly story that an acquaintance could have told you for free.

Power to convince

A prominent author speaks this in his book, he tells his readers don’t do this, don’t do that and their listeners believe because they are a living proof of what they are saying, where we are going they are already there, their lives and personal experiences  are a perfect example of the theme subject. It is enough evidence to make us believe that their words are worth listening to, but what about me? I am a nobody, who is going to find time to read my works anyway? Ahmnn….. “Let’s see what this pen can do.”

With your little or no knowledge in that field you are planning to write about, you don’t need to be a professional singer to write nice songs, as long as your message in your book sheds some light in their path or solve a problem, most people will not care much to find out whether you are really an expert in that field, gather, think up as much evidences as you can to prove your words.

Author of children’s books.

The scribe has got to figure out how to get into the minds of the little ones, as we all know it, mischievous children would actually think that they are being mistreated when they are punished for their mischief especially by somebody who is not their parent, with this in mind, he goes ahead and creates Pamela Ogres the mean and gruesome matron. She punishes every kid in the school in the most demeaning & dehumanising way imaginable, when she begins to burn in rage, no one can quench her anger, she overpowers every staff even the principal, she is bigger than the biggest person they have ever seen before, getting to her hands someday, getting caught by her red watchful eyes or simply getting into trouble with her is everybody’s nightmare.

A famous author once said, “If you want to be loved by the children, then better take their imagination and think like them, as it is said, find something to write that will answer their endless questions, they want to know about beautiful birds of paradise, trees, flowers and everything else around them, when scared, they want to hear some monster stories or some fancy weird scary creature. They won’t enjoy it that much until you mention how Velman punched the little men, a heroic little fight, this is better applicable especially when you are targeting boys, girls on the other hand prefer to listen to stories that end in happily ever after weddings. Their young imaginations can’t stop scanning the world for new and interesting tales.

Varied scribe

Authors do many things aside from writing, they come from all kinds of backgrounds, careers and professions,  and go through daily upheavals just like everyone else, when others hear that you are an author, editor, analyst, scribe, whatever, they imagine or should I say presume that you are lonely folk who spends his/her entire day caged in a container with a pen glued to your hands and scribbling graffiti onto a piece of paper day and night without having to lift your head for a minute, it’s through day today activities and social interactions that ideas mushrooms from, authorship is never about isolation.

Scribbling without end.

There is no end to writing. I do not like to read crap, I have  therefore pledged not to give crap to my readers.

A singer can sing any song, an artist can paint any picture, so does the author, he/she can write about anything, I mean from everything that exist around them, something can be extracted at least sometime in the course of their work and used in writing. As an author you have all the freedom to write about anything you think of, never restrict yourself by choosing a topic first before proceeding to unfolding parts of your story.

An author never gets bored, everything in their day today lives counts, and something is always picked, processed and used in a certain special way that fits into books. There is always some new inspiration every day, now and then you see something new, it gets digested, neutralized processed and used in a better way.

An author writes and writes and writes, there is no end to their work, I started writing in anno dominie, up to now I am still writing, I will still do it even when I reached Armagadea, I do not know when I will ever stop. It’s a sign of tremendous passion to see people with notebooks, carrying them around. A clear symbol of a budding author inside, should you use your shorthand yet?






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