Do you need to hire a biographer or should you write your own autobiography?

Do you need to hire a biographer or should you write your own autobiography?




Right now when I am still up and down, working here and there, doing this and that, I do not actually need to approach any biographer to jot down a few things about me, or write a short biography myself, my life doesn’t have anything worth recording anyways, so why should others bother, waste a lot of time reading stuff about me that wouldn’t help them in the long run?

The contents of a biography are limited to few exceptional moments when someone achieved extraordinary success or gone through very trying moments that ultimately shaped their lives in the later days, all junk unfortunately had to be left out, you can’t of course record everything about others, there’s more crap that goes on in a hero’s life each day than legendary happenings, so when people ask, “who are you, where did you come from, what are some of the things you did when you were young, or from the time you were born up to the time we met?” when they say that, they do so hoping that you might say something they had longed to hear, that you might tell a story which will give a clear reflection of what you are doing now, then make the connection.

In an autobiography you can easily put away your embarrassing stories while you keep those that you think contribute greatly to your career/profession safely intact.

In my autobiography, I will place only successful endeavors, and those memories that are pleasing to me shall I emphasize the most, but to the negative, embarrassing experiences and failures I can easily put them away, if I am forced to include them in the account then I shall describe them roughly and move on to more important parts of the story.

If people were to write everything they have ever done in their autobiography then they could be giving their lives’ accurate accounts to hunched mortals to read.




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