Do you know how to play chess? A game of generals.

Do you know how to play chess? A game of generals.



Why are the Slavs so dammed good at chess? Many of the best chess players all around the world appear to be of Slavic origin. Why do they dominate the game so much? Probably because many of them have either been generals or commanders in the field. They have experienced real combat before, so if you can’t beat them in the field, how can you beat them on the chess board? As some would take a great leap to do things such as sacrificing both knights and a queen, if it would give him a quick check mate. The game can be resolved as quickly as possible without incurring collateral damage. Critical thinking, making tough decisions, enduring weary long hours starring onto a board.

After playing, these are people you can’t beat, I tell you, even if you play them all day and night, weeks on end, you can’t beat them. How do you expect to beat a fellow that has a hands on experience on the battlefield? With his hands charred with powder and smoke from firing the artillery.

Those who are eager to have a great victory must be willing to make great sacrifices also.




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