Do children expect more from their mothers?

Do children expect more from their mothers?




Even when a man is an infamous pirate of the high seas, some of his children still love him, they say, “we are proud of you papa, after all these long years in the water world you have managed to come back.”

When the mother is away even for a day, the family gets into trouble, the children keep wailing, “where is mama? Bring back my mama” even when all their needs are met by another close relative, their hearts are never content, they say, “thank you for everything you have done for us, but please remember to bring back my mama?” when they are told that their mother is caught up somewhere by a very important duty, they refuse to believe it, they say, “our mother loved her job more than she loved us, she does not care about us anymore, she does not think about us while she is away.”

The bond between the mother and child is extremely strong, when a new-born crying child is placed into the hands of the mother they become silent, but when placed into the hands of the father, it wails loudly as they can clearly notice the difference.




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