Dirty Music Lyrics especially from Death Metal Rock and Gangsta Rap Hip-hop are destroying the lives of many young people across the world

Dirty Music Lyrics especially from Death Metal Rock and Gangsta Rap Hip-hop are destroying the lives of many young people across the world




Rock and hip-hop are the infamous music genres that are notorious for causing the youth to act in a way that is contrary to what the society expects of them, they are full of violence and acts expressing violence, they are full of very vulgar language, they are full of obscene sexually explicit content, occult material, they glorify crime, they  literarily promote everything that conservative societies are against.

Gross Bytes.

Some silly guy is punching up mannequins in a supermarket and hitting cartons on the streets, shouting out aloud, And proudly says this is music, Do they really understand the term music in the first place? Its functions and role in the society?

The things they put on themselves make them look more of beasts than men.

Now man has chosen to put on the garments of a beast, to talk like a beast, think like a beast and act like a beast.

If you give them a flute or a harp, then ask them to play it, a three year old baby will produce much better music than all ten of them combined.

Music is supposed to soothe, not cause or intensify pain,

I would never listen to noise and call it music, never at all in my entire life.

It’s better to be it the marketplace and listen to the madmen screaming their lungs out with whatever information to give, they offer better entrainment, than a sober being acting like a beast.

Many of these people are mentally disturbed. So disturbed beyond any help, they need more tablets than a guitar, or microphone.

bytes for cash.

The masses often go for the baddest of rhythms, no wonder why rumour is a great traveler, even though they know it is not accurate, and it is sweet to the tongue, exciting to the ears, irresistible to listen to and an important topic to discuss.

“For people to buy a trillion copies of your music, it has to be super bloody,” they said.” If they were to produce good healthy constructive music no one will buy their work, not a single album will be sold, only exceptional few.

Now you will have to choose between money and music career or were you to use music as a money making machine, acquire tons upon tons of them from the market, if that is the case then this is where things begin to go haywire, you hear people saying things like, “I will do anything to get it, anything at all costs,”

As one continues to climb the ladder of proficiency and success, one question will be, “was the financial reward well worth it?” have I lost confidence in other people now that I have acquired all this success?

 It’s hard to choose dignity over financial success.

 Anyways your music doesn’t have to be gothic, wildly barbaric, or crookedly deviant.

the evil bytes of akuu.

This is how the story goes in a famous children’s cartoon episode…

Akuu’s evil music has brainwashed all the young people in our entire towns, Jack then  comes along and finds parents crying in a field near their homes, their children had joined one of the gangs that raids homes, Jack follows them into the secret stadium where they party all night, he soon finds the actual location of the concert, he is opposed at first by the DJ but due to his brilliant boxing skills he eventually beats him and breaks the speakers and the cabling system with his a metal rod, its after that when Aku’s music beats leave the minds of the kids that they come back to their senses, the children return home to the sorrowing parents, they all thank  Mr anonymous  for bringing back their children, “thank you very much,” they say, Spencer walks away to handle another matter for another day.”

It is no doubt that Akuu’s bytes are spread everywhere and have brainwashed the children of the world, such that they forget themselves and their chores, they want to do nothing else other than partying, everywhere all the time.

Isn’t it the evil bytes of Akuu that drive the youths of the world into wreaking mayhem, they walk, talk and dress like savages, and some of the parents have lost hope in them. The evil music of Akuu has turned the world into a night-club of barbarians.

cultural deviation.

I do not blame them for it, that’s what the world is like, men love filth rather than the fruit of the garden, they pour away fresh water  and drink urine, then toss to one another, “cheers what a beautiful sweet red wine , lets enjoy, let’s make merry.”

The things they do on stage is a mere reflection of what goes on in the dark allies of the corners of the earth, if search lights were all at once directed in every darkest street corner, underground gatherings. Then what it could reveal would shock people beyond belief, they do not understand how their neighborhood would appear so calm yet so violent at the same time. More people go to music concerts than to religious crusades.

The crowd does not want anyone who claims to do good, those who try to bring freedom to others have bullets put through their heads even if they are in positions of power and influence, they still get them, so that they can continue to enslave, torture and abuse their fellow countrymen.

Like a tribe in a cast away island, when they happen to capture a lone adventurer or traveler, they tie him into a tree, men women and children bring out their torches to celebrate, because food has walked right onto their doorstep, they sing and dance all night as they slowly peel off their flesh and throw it into the fire to roast, they eat them alive, no pity no mercy, no decency at all. Such words do not exist in their vocabulary or mother tongue, they don’t care about what happens elsewhere in the world either.

I rarely find any good sweet music to enjoy, what is there most of the time are these savage intoxicating bytes from some island’s Voodoo shrine that the young people all over the world sing in unison to, they sing their hearts out without paying attention to the words they utter, they dance to the tunes in a zombie like manner without noticing how they shamefully debase themselves in the eyes of the elderly.

It is no surprise that the barbarous music on the streets reflects the stubborn, aggressive and violent nature of many youths today, many are in their adolescence a time when they don’t know nor do they realize the changes that are happening to them. And would therefore go for something that resonates with their behavior contrary to the elderly who prefer soft, cooling old time vocals that can lull them to sleep. Though there’s lots of good cool sweet music a vast majority of them are barbaric. 

The musical instruments sing well than this so called artists, the instruments can sing you a sweet soft tone that can lull you to sleep, some of the so called artists add you more grief cause you sleepless nights. No song is good unless it corresponds with the instruments which can as well do on their own but the artist’s voice can hardly make music unless he/she uses instruments.

Music is no longer the sweet old love songs, but now tones that feature themes of Barbaric Nature. Words that would at one time make people cover their ears are now a common day phrases. Many radio stations these days frequently air stories of perversion, without taking into consideration of who is listening at the other end of the microphone. It’s nothing but sham, ugliness, perversion, deviance, hiding behind sweet relaxing tunes.




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