Did You know that dogs are excellent at reading non-verbal cues?

Did You know that dogs are excellent at reading non-verbal cues?

Dogs are much better when it comes to reading non verbal cues compared to their human counterparts, whenever they are around their human friends, they carefully observe the body language of that person to correctly establish their mood and state of mind, dogs are always concerned about how their owners feel and are always there to help. if they look at their owner as being gloomy, a dog will instantly notice in a change in mood and atmosphere, they will remember that their human friend is always cheerful but now they are looking slothful, there must be something seriously wrong with them. maybe they are physically injured, sick or emotionally hurt, when they see their owner crying they go over to them and lay their bodies closer to them as a way of comforting them. a dog can know at your mood and attitude by simply observing your facial expressions, they ae better at reading others than most humans do. they will actually show that they actually care about your feelings and wanna be part of your mood swings.

Dogs understand how important it is to maintain eye contact, have you noticed that when you walk  past a dog, it will keep its eyes fixated at you, it will directly look into your eyes, even when laying down it will slowly rotate its heads as it follows your movements, it will follow you with its eyes until you out of its sight. whenever a new person visits the family home, the dog first examines him/her to see if they can be trusted. dogs can spot liars and crooks by simple use of their natural instincts. Dogs are more than just mere playmates, but very intimate companions.



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