“Critics know the way but cannot drive the way,” says John Mason. Why you should always ignore your critics and just go about your own business without any worries

“Critics know the way but cannot drive the way,” says John Mason. Why you should always ignore your critics and just go about your own business without any worries

Where I work the boss loves one of the employees called Johnny so much, every time it’s about Johnny Johnny and more Johnny, we feel bad sometimes when he keeps mentioning Johnny too much, why does he love Johnny too much, he has been the apple of the old man’s heart.


Johnny does whatever the boss asks him to, no matter how unpleasant it may be, so he is reliable unlike us, when our boss suggests a new idea for expansion of the business, we welcome it with open arms and show to accept  it wholeheartedly,  but then we keep asking questions about the dangers of doing that, “what if we ran out of capital or don’t get customers or even business becoming too big and too difficult to run, these are actual facts which really determines  the success of a business and  therefore need to be examined critically, but since the boss wants to move further and create other services our questions end up blocking his great idea from being implemented, so when he has a new Idea, to make sure it is put into practice, he keeps me and others out of it and puts Johnny in charge because he knows things will get done well under him, personally I have never thought of being the boss myself but to be the favorite worker  to the boss, which I have never achieved, for you to be in a good relationship with the boss you have to comply with his needs and assignments he gives you because that is the purpose of keeping you at the workplace, Johnny  stays next to his office where the business decisions are made, when my fellow workers I and have been set in an office far away from the central unit so that we do not get into his way of doing things.


Having Subordinates who contribute very little to the projects yet regularly criticize every single decision you make is like wearing shoes that pinch. They are a wet blanket, and more of a liability than an asset.


Criticism can be the sharpest verbal weapon that slices apart relationships, have you ever (once) decided to do something but chose to keep it secret from some people until it is finished because you knew they would comment negatively about it and in turn end up discouraging you, maybe bring you to a grinding halt, I guess you avoided them as much as possible before your project was complete. After a while you were free to let them know because the job was already done, there’s not a way they can interfere with it anymore, now that it’s done already, all its waiting for is launch day party.


There is nothing discomforting like someone next to you who keeps mentioning what you do wrong, the mistakes you make and constantly reminds you of your weaknesses.

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