COVID 19 Conspiracies You Should Avoid at All Costs

COVID 19 Conspiracies You Should Avoid at All Costs




First and foremost, you should always check the WHO’s website in order to stay updated with the most recent news concerning the current Pandemic, The World Health Organization is the most authoritative site on the web to get information from. No matter where in the world you are currently residing, local government data releases through health ministries are a reliable source, otherwise everything else on the web should be taken with a grain of salt. Please take extra precautions and stay safe. Now let us get back to what brought us here…


Of all the conspiracy theories that are flying around the airwaves concerning the origins and purpose of COVID 19. There are three that stand out above all the others, lingering in the minds of the people, word is moving from left to right, people are talking everywhere, they are agitated, they look very concerned.   The lack of information in the Public domain itself has further fueled these conspiracies. ”Why is the media hiding information from us?” people ask one another. The actions of the governments have also made their contributions to an extent . Because when someone comes to the public to give their explanations of what they think went wrong. The governments and the mainstream media are quick to shut them up, and threaten to lock them up if they dare continue talking to anybody about the virus. This leads people to conclude that their governments as well as the mainstream media are also part of the conspiracy, ”What happened to free speech? What happened to universal freedoms of expression and assembly?” they ask themselves.

Why are people not allowed to share information among themselves just like they used to do for generations? People may differ in opinions and say a lot of strange things, but that’s what makes our societies democratic. Collective leadership and a wide range of suggestions is what makes our societies free and fare to all.   the governments of the world have a single mouthpiece that consists of a group of scientists and so called experts that deliver information to the public, and once they have given their recommendations, their decisions are often final, no one else is allowed to refute . Or counter argue. Or make any kind of suggestions.

Anything that does not come from the state approved so-called experts is branded as ”Extremely Dangerous Misinformation” and immediately gets censored. People all over democratic countries are continuing to believe that the line between democracy an Totalitarianism is blurring.   All these are the circumstances that have led People to believe more and more in conspiracy theories . They fill in the information gap that is left behind by the states and the mainstream media. People are thirsty for information. I mean they are really really thirsty. To learn as much as they can about this Pandemic that has affected the world so much as well as turn their lives upside down.   Out there on the World Wide Web, There is an abundance of information about practically anything, there is plenty of information about even the most useless of things. The Nitti gritty details are on any object, thing, thoughts, ideas. How come there is so little information out there concerning one of the greatest catastrophes that has befallen humanity. The little information that is out there is greatly censored.   The actions of the ruling class speaks for themselves, people have no reason to believe otherwise.

Bioweapons Program


Many People believe the Pandemic was part of a Bioweapons Program that unfortunately had a twist of fate. With the increasing hostilities between the world’s superpowers, there is likelihood that each of the world’s richest and powerful Nations is building its own stockpile of Bioweapons, to use it at desperate times, the only drawback being that we live in a very fluid interconnected world where people move from one part of a continent to another continent at a lightning speed. The malicious action of dropping a germ bomb in a city or Nation may devastate the population of that state for a short while , but will soon move on  to the other states and then engulf the entire Globe in just a matter of months just as covid 19 has shown us. 

COVID 19 has shown to the world’s rich and powerful nations that building bioweapons is not a very smart idea. At the moment there is no evidence of a bioweapons Program that unfortunately turned into an accident. Although the world’s two richest and strongest nations are accusing one another of creating the Virus, with the intention of using it against the other.   Based on what is out there in the mainstream media, , The USA is accusing China of creating the virus to use it in an attack against the Almighty and all Prosperous America. Some Americans are saying that China has a world dominion Plan, to replace the united states as the most influential nation on earth, to become the boss of bosses and master of masters in every aspect of the nation, be it in geopolitics, military, technology, and industry, trade, social welfare. I mean everything.

Although that can’t be clearly proven whether China has such plans of replacing the US as Number One. The Wuhan Incident is a tragedy some of the US Officials have called as a disaster waiting to happen, that the Wuhan Lab was just a small part of China’s greater bioweapons program to use against other countries whom they regard as enemies  including the USA. A small accident with such enormous impacts. China on the other hand Points Fingers at The USA blaming it for the Tragedy. They say that it’s the United States that has such ill motives of destroying China and the world. ”They are envious of our economic Progress and want to continue pinning us down in whatever means they can find at their disposal,” says the Chinese. ”The very fact that Americans partially funded the research at Wuhan proves their ill motives.

Why would a powerful government fund scientific research in a foreign country and then few years down the line, enormous disasters rock those laboratories.”  The Chinese claim they were unaware  of the existence of such deadly viruses within their borders. ”Had our authorities been aware from the start, things would have been different,” they say   And also, that story you heard from the beginning of the pandemic that it leaked from a wet food market is nothing but fabrications of the Americans to deflect  blame on us, we Chinese have been eating wild animals for thousands of years, had there been deadly viruses in those wild animals, then we the Han Nation would have been wiped out a long time ago.

This virus does not exist anywhere in nature, it was created in a lab based on Chinese soil, but the scientists working there were not really Chinese, . They were foreign agents who had ulterior motives . They kept the government in Beijing in the dark of what they were doing behind closed doors. They gave false promises to Beijing that they were working on something good for humanity, while secretly working on ways to destroy the Chinese people. Had the Chinese government known such deadly viruses were being harbored in their territory, they  would have quickly shut down the labs.  

The Chinese Say, ”We are a Nation on The Rise to Prosperity. We are full of hope and vigor to help our people as well as those in developing nations better improve their lives, the economic growth of other countries, has also helped us grow, why would we create a virus then infect our own people with it? This is absurd,” says the Chinese. The US is very envious of our success story and are therefore working very hard to derail it. They pull up old statements from the then President Obama, saying that is a solid proof that he had an advance knowledge of the virus, the Chinese say, ”We have no reason to destroy the world of which we are increasingly becoming more depended on.”

Population Control

A lot of people believe that COVID 19 was created as a tool to control the world’s population that fell short of performance.. There are sadists who think that the current global Population is way too high and needs to be taken down to a bare minimum, if we are to continue enjoying the resources of this tiny planet.   The strange thing is that it is the richest people who are using the most resources and still think there are too many people on the planet. Current data shows that about twenty percent of the world’s population use about eighty percent of the world’s resources.

In poor countries , nearly everybody uses public transport therefore reducing the carbon emissions per head, but in rich countries everybody owns a car. Every adult drives a dirty diesel or gasoline vehicle hundreds of miles per day. Rich people even if they have fewer children , they produce more harmful emissions per person on average. It’s sad when you hear filthy rich folks blaming the poor for the troubles of the planet. They ask them to have fewer children, while they have hypocritically amassed a vast majority of the worlds resources for themselves.   Of all the people blamed for trying to reduce the global population unethically, No other name comes up more often than that of BGTs. To be honest with you, I have very high regards for this man, he has achieved marvelous success throughout his career and has done a lot of good to humanity through his charities for a very long time now.

Many of us here were not yet born when he started his world changing company back in the Seventies. It’s a sad thing to know that some people strongly believe that he is part of a conspiracy to reduce the world’s population through scientific methods. The speech he gave several years ago before the word Corona became a household name leads many to believe he had an advanced knowledge of the pandemic, that he had something to do with it as well.  They think he is part of a worldwide depopulation syndicate. People also look at his lifelong PVaccine Program and try to connect it with the current mandatory vaccines being rolled out across the world nowadays. You hear people say, ” BGTs has spent many years of his life campaigning for vaccines, now everyone is being forced to take a jab. And there is a new phrase on the streets called Vaccines Passports. Of which you can’t live a normal life without it. ” its all crystal clear now, everything makes sense, it all adds up,” they say.  

Some people are also spreading conspiracies that the Vaccines themselves are the LETHAL WEAPON. To them it looks like the Virus was sent ahead to kill as many people as it could, then those that survive the virus will get finished off by the vaccine that comes after it. The virus is like the shelling and airstrikes of the frontlines, then the jabs are like the ground troops you send in after the bombings to finish the job left by the air raids. The Pandemic has brought about a real-life warzone. These conspiracy theorists argue that you may be feeling nothing initially after taking the jab, but over time the lethal concoction of toxins inside the vaccine will kill you slowly. It may take weeks, months or even years but will eventually kill you.

If you tell them that the vaccines are totally safe, they reply, ” have you been to the labs where the jabs are manufactured? do you really know the specific ingredients they put into them? When you go to a pharmacy to buy a drug, there is this piece of paper inside the sachet where they list all the information you need to know about the drug, things like place of manufacture, the active ingredients, Potential side effects and so on. We have no such info about the shots we  are currently getting,” but then you say, ”well that is a trade secret, companies cannot reveal them because of patent laws,” then they reply, ”Yes, a SECRET, that is where the problem lies, why should there be secrets for diseases that have devastated the world so much, shouldn’t it be at least public knowledge. If they were really willing to help, cures should be freely available in the public domain by now.   The conspiracy theorists preach to anyone they can reach that the vaccines are a slow poison, saying they will kill you slowly but surely.

The conspiracies have led to creation of large anti-vax groups who would try to avoid the vaccines at all cost. Conspiracies range from causing people to become sterile, causing madness, causing degeneration of the organs, reducing heartbeat and increasing risks of heart attack, causing blood clots and internal hemorrhages, damage to the eyesight, heart disease, liver disease, causing cancers of all kinds. Currently the only proven conspiracy theory is that of blood clots and extreme bodily reactions to those who have allergies. This doesn’t sound good to a lot of people.   So for the Conspirators,(conspiracy theorists) the vaccine itself is a WMD(weapon of Mass Depopulation) Looking at the data available, those that succumb as a result of taking the jab is a very small number, it is less than one percent of The Population. The Only trouble being that everyone is saying they don’t want to be part of that small number. Nobody wants to be part of the unfortunate statistics.   So far nobody has proven whether BGTs or any other Tycoon has anything to do with the Pandemic

Big Pharma Plans For Big Profits

In the Public discussions the issue that kept coming up over and over again was the speed at which the vaccines were created. This is another issue that has led the conspiracy theorist to get another edge. We know that finding a vaccine was a very slow painful tedious work, it usually takes a very long time before a new drug is found. And after it’s discovered it takes years going through clinical trials before it could be approved for public use. Sometimes billions of dollars are put into a drug research project that leads to many years of excruciating research and still nothing getting found in the end, to be frank a huge chunk of the drugs we are using today were found by accident. So discovering new drugs is partly hard work and partly luck.

The speed at which the vaccine for COVID 19 was found shocked everyone, Corona is a very relatively new illness with very little known about it, while on the flipside there are deadly viruses that have been plaguing humanity for many decades and centuries, a lot of money and time have been put into the research for cure of all those illnesses, yet no significant progress has ever been made. School curriculums have even been modified as part of an awareness creation programs, to teach the young people how to avoid those diseases. A lot of the current generation grew up with the knowledge that there are certain viral diseases that have to treatment or cures whatsoever, so they decide to be rather safe than sorry. Prevention is better than cure. That’s what is being taught in schools.   So conspiracy theorists are arguing that since no vaccine had been found for those diseases that claim the lives of millions of people every year, even when zillions of dollars have been invested with years of research, How come a vaccine for a relatively new disease came out in just a few months? It leads people to have any of these  conclusions.

1) The Vaccine research and development project was rushed, and since it was produced hurriedly it is either defective(unable to perform the job effectively) or loaded with hidden toxins, or the whole thing could simply be a sham, there are people who think that people are being injected with a drop of saltwater, since there is no way to prove that the miraculous ingredients are present in the syringe.

2)  if the vaccine is truly a complete and fully functioning drug as they say, then there is likelihood that the Big Pharmaceutical companies had been developing it many years in advance alongside the disease itself. And once the disease has ravaged the globe, they will be in an opportunistic position to sell their drugs. Conspiracy theorists are arguing that to sell a medicine you must first have the disease, and if doesn’t exist in the community already you can as well create it. How would antivirus software companies around the world survive if there were no computer viruses and other malware ravaging the world wide web? The disease and the cure go hand in hand.


So to the theorists, the current pandemic is like a premeditated crime, big pharmaceutical companies had been developing the virus as well as the vaccines, they had envisioned that when the world is on its knees begging for a cure, they would go ahead to sell them their ready made vaccines at the cost of an arm and a leg for a single dose. They never envisioned that many countries would develop their own versions with the use of state resources therefore reducing their profits or completely cutting them off from the lucrative deals.   Some pharmaceutical companies had been blamed for being responsible for the opioid epidemic some years back. Some people still have very fresh memories of how opioids took away their loved ones.

All because they placed their trust in a physician who had sold his dignity to big pharma. Many people don’t trust pharmaceutical companies based on some negative experiences they or their friends & family went through. the theorists say, ”Can’t you see Big Pharma is now raking in cash from the Vaccines? we are not surprised to see some people tossing champagne celebrating revenues while millions of people across the world are going through pain and suffering. it was all premeditated, we tried to warn you but you never took your time to listen,” they preach.   Dr. Anthony Fauci is probably the greatest virologist in the world, with many decades of experience, he is probably more well informed about viruses than any other doctor in the world. He has written many medical books as well.

He has helped his home country, the US as well as a huge chunk of the world fight many deadly diseases, he has helped many medical institutions and governments to deal with epidemics of epic proportions, his medical expertise has done a lot of good for humanity, because this is a man that has dedicated his whole life to helping others. However there are theorists who think that this doctor is a super-villain, that he is part of a big Pharma conspiracy that planned the creation and release of the virus so that Big Pharma can make trillions from selling the cure to the world. Some say that he and other rogue doctors have taken money from big  pharma to help them execute their  plans. None of these allegations have been proven yet, its nothing but just wind, and Dr. Antony Fauci still remains a hero to millions of people around the world.

Censorship Makes the situation much Worse


The so-called fight against disinformation and misinformation,  Fake News and Dangerous news seems to be going nowhere. Do you know that when you warn children and try to stop them from listening to someone you believe is malicious the more likely those children are going to be interested in that person? The harder you try to pull them away the more closer they become drawn to that person. When the governments and mainstream media dismiss discussions labelling them as misinformation, the more people are likely to be interested in that story, even when all channels are blocked from releasing that information, people will always find a way to listen to it. Blocking them makes you look like the real villain trying to hide your dirty little secrets.

People say they smell a rat. That there is a great cover-up sanctioned by the state. So media censorship of the COVID 19 Information is having the exact opposite effect. People are dismissing the official government information as dangerous propaganda while hailing the conspiracy theorists as heroes fighting for the freedom of speech. They are regarded as the voice of the silent majority. The true representatives of the masses. So the governments around world need to rethink their strategy because it appears the population is becoming harder and harder to convince each coming day. Each time they deliver the news.

People are growing mistrustful because the governments are cracking down more and more on dissent. In totalitarian countries where the state directly controls all the media outlets, citizens always dismiss all information that comes from the state media as propaganda. Even when the government is speaking a hundred percent truth they are always faced with skepticism. And do you know the reason why? Yes, its because people are not allowed to openly speak their minds. Everything to do or say has to be approved by the authorities. I believe The governments of democratic countries should really rethink their strategy at the moment because their citizens are not used to this kind of governance, acts of threats and intimidation from the state apparatus are things they have never known since childhood.

They have always known that their governments have always been there to listen to their concerns whenever the need may be. It looks’ like the virus itself is mocking humanity, despite the combined might of the entire world’s governments, with their vast resources and brightest minds, Coronavirus seems to be winning the fight,  the many months of progress from our best doctors are washed away every time the virus mutates, its like the virus is saying, ”I am just not going anywhere now,  am still around, I will definitely be here for a while, I am here to stay, I am not in a hurry to go anywhere at the moment, and for those of you who are youngsters now, I will continue to hang around with you, I will be here long enough to watch you grow up, to see your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.



The way the pandemic was handled was enough to raise eyebrows. we all trust our health institutions of course and would be willing to follow all the recommendations that our doctors give, this disease was however different from all the others in that it changed the world in a huge way, when people are forced to do things they have never done before with  no explanations whatsoever, when they are given little to no information concerning their current subjugation and severely punished when they share information they researched themselves. when all forms of discussions are banned both online and in the local public squares, all these actions are bound to naturally create skepticisms towards public institutions, the covid censorships of 2020 and 2021 were on another level.  




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