Could it Possibly be true that the warnings about the environment and climate change that we are bombarded with daily may have been grossly exaggerated?

Could it Possibly be true that the warnings about the environment and climate change that we are bombarded with daily may have been grossly exaggerated?   Keep in mind this is not just the work of environmental alarmists.   An industrial giant factory owner blames the stars for what’s happening with nature, “it’s not my factories that are causing climate change,” he says,” it’s the strange things that are happening with the stars, that universe above there,   Efficiency campaigns are heading towards dangerous levels, reduce consumption, reduce emission, reduce everything even the population, then come up with heinous ways/plans to slash the human population by a huge fraction so that mother nature would have more room to breathe, population growth as we know it is not solely a work of human desires, its beyond their control, it’s a work of divine intervention.

Are they suggesting that humans should stop giving birth because the world is becoming overly populated and there won’t be enough space for everyone to live comfortably in?   Were it not for plastics, thousands of people would be dying every day from electrocution, wondering why many people are so much against plastics, anti-plastic movements fill our streets. Yet some lifestyle in modern world wouldn’t be possible without them. What puzzles me most is not whether the claims they are making are true, how’s their stories going to help me anyway? Can they bring food onto my table or solve my problems of such?  

Environmental watchmen or alarmists continually claim that with current population explosions, people will become more and more crowded in small cities and country sides, there would hardly be any place left to set up a camp. People will stand in rows clustered together like penguins about to fall off a narrow cliff. They have a point, but their warnings are so terrifying that you might think the world might come to an end soon.   When the environmental alarmists were done with their intense campaigns for many years, they received a lot of positive responses, people did many things around them according to the way they had instructed.

Their work was slowly paying off. I saw people putting up wind mills everywhere on land, some areas were so clattered with windmills that some of them had no place to be erected from and were therefore transferred off shores, they were screwed firmly into the shallow waters, I then asked them this, “are you certainly going to grind corn in the sea?” They said these windmills were not for corn at all, they were there for a totally different purpose, and they are to help us catch the winds that brought the breezes.   Looking onto the other part of the land there were huge plates of silver laid on the surface of the ground side by side, they covered very large areas, and stretched out wide up to the edge of the horizon. They shone like mirrors in the sun, when I touched them they were very hot, it almost burnt off my fingers, “Why waste so much precious metals?” I asked them, “We are capturing the warmth of the sun to use in our homes,” said one of the workers, “what for?” I interrupted “oh! I see, you are using these disks to boil your tea? Uh? “It’s less costly and time consuming than to use fire wood right?” “These numerous plates/disks you see here have the power to grab the brightness of the sun and put it into our homes, the homes remain bright with light even in the middle of the night,” he said.  




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