Corporate Secrets are dangerous secrets

Corporate Secrets are dangerous secrets



An employee once uncovered some secrets of how they produced the best quality cosmetics at a relatively cheap price, how their company profited greatly from this scheme, used less than a half of the aloe Vera oil required, and most of the other ingredients weren’t really herbal products but chemicals prepared in the lab.

One afternoon the owner was bragging about his newly gained market share to one of the senior managers, the manager then went on and told one of her employees, she accepted to explain everything to her on the condition that she keeps it all secret, that same evening the favorite employee went home and said to her mother that she had a very interesting secret from her workplace, she told her everything after making her swear that she will keep it all secret.

Two weeks later her mother visited her sister up the country, she told her the secret from her daughter’s workplace, she too promised to keep it secret. Her aunt was speaking one afternoon to her friends about the mysterious happenings at her niece’ factory, his husband happened to be one of the owners of a similar competing firms, he paid keen attention to every narrative the ladies were making to him and recorded them on a notebook. Now he has got a chance to crush a firm which had stolen his market share, he didn’t hesitate to do so, he quickly left his house and went to the chief detective’s office asking for a thorough investigation.




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