Every society in the world has it s own form of literature highly embedded into its cultural fabric. The communities history and traditions are preserved in the literature that is later passed down from one generation to another. Literature encompasses so many things in our lives other than keeping the world reminded of the good olden days. Every academic institution in the world was born out of literary enthusiasm


The Marvelous Rise of Science Fiction

The Marvelous Rise of Science Fiction

Storytellers since the time of the ancient Greeks have enjoyed imagining that people are capable of breaking the laws of nature and gaining fantastic strength or powers. They have also imagined amazing machines and mythical figures with magical abilities. In a sense, the spirit of discovery expressed in the scientific and industrial ages-and in new …

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The Greatest Legacy of King James

The Greatest Legacy of King James

  In January 1604, James of England held the Hampton Court Conference near London. At this conference, James responded to demands of the Puritans that included reforms to church government and changes in The Book of Common Prayer. The king rejected many of the Puritans’ demands but agreed to one that had a powerful effect …

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One more paragraph.

Every night I struggle with this thought  saying unto myself , let me just write one last sentence, one more paragraph before going to sleep, I end up staying awake till late into the night hoping to find that one last sentence to take down. When you find yourself waking up in the middle of …

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end of character.

We have followed the character a long way now, we have feared his dangerous exploits, we felt his joyous and sad moments together, defended them during the trial, cried with them at their times of sombre difficulty for we too felt their pain. We even fell into the wells when he was being thrown down. …

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All masters of the quill

What is the meaning of creative writing, a creative writer doesn’t have to worry about what to put onto paper and what not to from the beginning, from the start, you don’t have to worry about anything, just pour onto paper whatever comes to the mind, all thoughts and  feelings, then later on when the …

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The Last American Buffalo

The Last American Buffalo

      Chief Okalavou the ruler of the left western Indian tribe is fearing loss of his chiefdom, so he calls Bundokishva, one of his youngest sons, he tells him, “last night I had a dream, the most terrifying nightmare I have ever had since the day I was born.”  “In my dream”, he …

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