Being the number one religion in the world, Christianity has spread to almost every corner of the planet right from its humble beginnings in the Jewish cities of Jerusalem in modern day Israel. The religion has splintered into many factions the main ones being roman Catholicism and Protestantism. The Catholics form the majority of the sect while the protestants come in second. Protestantism itself is split up into several more smaller subdivisions that are fiercely opposed to each other’s doctrines. Christianity is a religion of so many colors and contrasts


The Greatest Legacy of King James

The Greatest Legacy of King James

  In January 1604, James of England held the Hampton Court Conference near London. At this conference, James responded to demands of the Puritans that included reforms to church government and changes in The Book of Common Prayer. The king rejected many of the Puritans’ demands but agreed to one that had a powerful effect …

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Samaritan secrets

There is this woman that Jesus found near a well, then asked her to give him water. Why did she refuse to give Jesus a cup of water? Was it because she had five husbands? Then the lord said unto her, “Go and call your husband,” but she said she had no husband and the …

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