Can machines be trusted? How honest are the machines we have built?

Can machines be trusted? How honest are the machines we have built?



I have heard stories of machines that can tell the difference between a true factual testament and a false one, they can also distinguish a falsely accused suspect from a guilty one.

I also hear reports that there are machines which help the authorities catch criminals because of their apparent honesty, they can tell whether an individual is telling the truth or speaking lies in an interrogation. They can distinguish a burglar from a pick pocket and a forger from a conman, these machines are excellent, and there is no falsehood in them. 

Can machines be trusted with your secrets? won’t it unintentionally dispense them to others all over the planet just the same way it has received them from you, if I don’t trust man himself, why should I trust a machine he built with his flimsy hands? Could it be true that what it does is an imitation of its master’s crafty behaviour? Or something worse for he has no flesh no blood no heart, believes nothing, feels nothing. Bones muscles, sinews, skin have been replaced with stainless steel, carbon fibre and plastic, it can act ruthless yet even if it does a damage of a very grave nature, no one can blame or punish it, since it has no conscience.

When machines are overworked and their minds begin to play tricks on them, they can say and do a lot of nasty things, but when they are of good mind they are pretty reliable, that’s what I love the most about machines, they can never lie to you, it is one of their key strengths, I believe they can show you only what they have seen and say to you only what they have heard, they can never tell you great lies, thus prove very reliable, they have saved  the lives of many, if you try to cheat, or speak falsehood, you are told, “the eye on the wall saw everything, the eye in the streets was watching, the eye…..” there is no way you can lie to them.

But when they are angered too deeply they can be very extreme, brutal and heartless.




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