Can Giant Pandas really hurt humans?

Can Giant Pandas really hurt humans?


When I look at Pandas they appear to be very gentle and docile creatures, they don’t look like anything that can hurt a fly. These beautiful animals which are native to China belong to the bear family, back then when they almost went extinct, worldwide efforts helped restore their numbers and those that are being bred in captivity are slowly being released into the wild. When I see pandas play with one another they are like little puppies , always nudging and caressing one another. I have never seen or heard a panda attacking humans before. They are not the fearsome Kungfu fighting warriors portrayed in Hollywood films. But are gentle creatures meek as a lamb. I think they can make good pets.

Another creature that resembles the panda is the sloth bear, this guy looks so lazy that he can’t even raise its head to see where he is heading, it always walks around with its head stooping down low to the ground. It never bothers to think what would happen if it accidentally knocks its head on a tree trump or fall off a cliff, it simply doesn’t care.

The most fearsome of all bears is the Grizzly, a type of brown bear famous for its enormous size, weight, strength and fearsome reputation. A grizzly bear can grab a full grown man and throw him around like a rag doll, he can tear a man into pieces and dismember him from limb to limb in a matter of seconds. There are documented cases of grizzlies charging at hunters armed with rifles and subduing them. It doesn’t matter how powerful a riffle you are carrying is, if you don’t hit a sensitive part of the animal like the brain or the heart, that creature will pounce on you and finish you off. Crossing paths with a grizzly is a hunter’s worst nightmare.

I have not seen or heard the Pandas do any of the things that his relatives are infamous for, so we should therefore continue to keep cool around them.

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