Can business and politics mix?

Can business and politics mix?




An old tycoon was asked by his friends to run for the seat of the governor, “you are very popular around here and the people like you very much, why don’t you run for a public office, I am sure you are going to do a lot of wonderful things for our constituency, people know how very honest you are in your business dealings,” they told him.

“No way!” he exclaims, “I have made a solemn promise that as long as I live I’d never hold a public office, trading is one thing I have been very good at you may say, politics is another thing. Many of those who engage in politics are fellows who have got nothing to lose. If I engage myself in political affairs at this moment my opponents may find a chance to rob me.

If I venture into politics, I will soon create enemies who might easily target my account, to drain it of cash. They might accuse me of engaging in illegal activities, smuggling, funding of criminal organizations, the state then seizes my assets in the name of investigation and legitimate inquiries, in short I may lose my property.

If not that, they may take you to court, you go through court battles for several years, even if they find out that you are innocent later on, the damage has already been done, you lose your customers trust, your cash flows and profits shrink, you are forced to chop off some of your assets for sale at a throw away price. That to me is enough reason to prevent me from going through all this trouble.”

Its politics that always gets into the way of business, not business that mixes itself with politics.

“Politicians have nothing to lose,” said the entrepreneur that’s why many of them act impulsively without a second thought, after wreaking havoc and putting many entrepreneurs out of business, they simply walk back to their sweet homes to enjoy a cup of hot coffee.

If you have a chance not to involve yourself in politics then go for it, unless you have to, you don’t need to involve yourself in any way.




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