Calmness and relaxation boosts memory

Calmness and relaxation boosts memory




Once a primary school teacher took his class on a geography tour to a famous natural wonder that is very close to their district, after their tour he asked them to write a short essay describing what they had experienced, how was the tour in general, what they enjoyed and what they wished they had seen, before they began to write, the teacher asked the two students sitting right in front, Philip & Ann to stand up and explain to the others what exactly they are going to write about just before they begin.

Philip went ahead to describe the tedious journey, how they zigzagged in and out of the escarpments and  mountainous terrain the road meandered through, and fantasized how the place would be great spot to do some mountain biking, he fascinatingly talked about the larger variety of plants and animals they saw at the place, the great heard of wildlife that continually crossed the road right in front of them, and the list is endless.

Now it was little Anne’s turn, “what are you going to say about the tour you went to yesterday?”  Asked the teacher, “Nathaniel hit me with a binoculars when we were leaving the park’s cafeteria, and it really hurt,” she said, “oh really? Sorry, I didn’t know that anyway, is that the only thing you remember?” asked the teacher now annoyed, “didn’t you see the things that were on the way, the large lily fields, the geese in the marshes, the many things…don’t you remember any of that?” “no” she replied, “then it’s because you were up and down the bus throughout the entire journey,” said the teacher, “you never seemed to be able to have settled at any moment, when I looked back I saw you standing in the middle of the bus and creating problems for others,” he then turned to the other class members and said this to them, “next time I take you on a trip, you should not make noise with your friends, but instead remain in your seats calmly, if you do that then can you be able to remember every step of your trip just like the way Philip did, everything will sink in deep,  this was an educational geography tour and not a picnic.”

“When travelling on a bus don’t make too much noise,” said the teacher, “so that what you have seen does not easily evaporate but sink deep instead like water in a well”




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