Bookworms never quit, why education is still the key to success in life.

Bookworms never quit, why education is still the key to success in life.




Some students were asked by their supervisors to offer academic support to their friends whose grades were wanting, they said unto them, “please help your friends, you seem to be very good in the field, so why don’t you join hands and find a way to get out of this mess,” our first choice is to try to inspire them because, it’s through inspiration that a youngster starts to work on his/her goals, we recommended them the works of some old time favourite playwrights. To study them carefully and from them acquire every piece of information they need, to our surprise, the needy students throw up their hands in rejection and walk away. “Hash! Don’t tell us any of that, we didn’t ask you to give us a lecture about how we should choose our careers, go away with your worthless speech.” Then they remind you of people who didn’t study well and yet became successful in life, students who dropped out of school and still did things that amazes the world.

“Aahmm… I see, so you want all of us to drop out of school and loiter in the streets, ah! Is that what you want us to do? Some of us are becoming more furious, you know maybe those people did drop out because of reasons that are beyond their control, unavoidable circumstances, if you shall wilfully throw away your education, a gift that many young people around the world dream of, then hope you are going to strike it rich somewhere, if not, then I tell you sorry in advance. Not everybody is that that lucky, for me I stick to my books, and to books I have been connected to all these years, even if I should grow old and die studying, then let it be so.”

One reason that young man was so valiantly anti-academic is simply because he has never read good books, if only he could find exciting plays, ancient tales and wise sayings crafted by the elders of long ago, then he will surely understand how much he is missing out… So much that I do not have the words to describe. Until he finds that out by himself, there is no way we can help this youngster, no kind nor amount of advice will he pay attention to, he believes that people who continue to read books after they have completed their education are silly hogs who wear themselves out by reading irrelevant information, loading their minds with tons of junk. The day he will humble himself and take a look at an old dusty encyclopedia shall he discover treasures hidden therein?

Isn’t it through books we find instructions & guidance to a new field, solutions to a complex problem, comfort in times of difficulty, encouragement, and all kinds of help?

We gather together and discuss the matter, and we concluded they don’t want help so let them go their own way, no student/person can make me hate books no matter how vile they speak of them. For me says Jerry Kingston, “I am married to books” no one can tell me something about it, “books and I are two things that will never part ways,” no matter what. 

Books give me comfort, in the lonely of lowliest times they cheer you up, they tell you never to quit easily in life, they are better than my best friends. My library and I are two things that will never part ways. Bookworms never quit, they chew all the pages till when there is no shred of paper left.

I heard of an old man who loved reading stories so much that he died holding a story book, that previous night he had one of his grandchildren read to him a story from one of the chapters, he had gone halfway when he had to rest, then he said to one of them, “thank you very much my child, you shall read to me the other remaining part tomorrow,” a day which never came.

I would wish to continue writing even into old age, when my hands are too weak to hold a pen then will I stop, self-sustainability of an author is a good reward for their hard work, but the greatest reward is the joy of doing it, nothing pleasures them more than that, I will continue to write even if I get nothing out of it, I will still proceed, early medieval and many century BC authors never profited from their writing but they continued to do so, why? Because their self-drive was so great and excitement so strong that nothing could have stopped them, what does taking a pen and scribbling a few words on a paper cost you anyway? Nothing. Only time, of which you might have plenty to kill.




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