Beware of fake friendships, there are hogs who are always out there to destroy others

Beware of fake friendships, there are hogs who are always out there to destroy others



Friends destroying friends

If you want to make the whole world your friend, you shall surely suffer for it, here is what some friends told me a short while ago.

“A true man drinks from a bottle, not from a milk carton,” he said to me, “milk is for babies, prove to me that you are a man, try the bottle, it won’t bite you, a true man holds the bottle in hand, they insisted.”

Then I said this to them, “even if you were to put the mouth of a canon into my temple and threaten to blow up my head if I do not drink from your bottle, I won’t do it, you thought I could be so easily deceived, what glory is there in your intoxication? I have seen you stagger around like a mad man around the neighborhood, is that what looks like manhood to you? The bottle as you know it is for those who live in misery, not agile youngsters like you. If this is the test I have to go through in order to acquire your friendship then I quit on clear grounds, what kind of friend will such an anomic nestling like you make? What makes you think I need your companionship? Get out of my presence you hapless clowns!” I yelled at them.

Why does somebody have to do something you want so you’d love them, you want them to accomplish something so that you can offer them your vile wicked and evil love? I said clearly to them that I do not need their friendship.

It’s very possible that the friend you have been trusting for many years could turn out to be the one that leads you into a lion’s den and run away leaving you for the dead. Friends deceive friends.

This is what we call peer flu & virus, friends destroying friends as a way of attaining equilibrium, if they worry too much about how many people are going to finish ahead of them, they are only going to leave the work half done. Peer pressure can only be overcome when one isolates him/herself from the nerdy folks and control freaks.

You will always find yourself alone most of them flee in your greatest time of need, and those who do remain only pretend to care. However there are exceptional few whom you can proudly say this about them, “these are friends worth dying for, despite all the difficulties they did not abandon me, nor did they condemn me.

A lost beauty.

A father once took his pretty and somehow troublesome teenage daughter outside the house and showed her a dumpsite, then spoke, he said, “this you see here was once a beautiful garden, covered with flowers that produced sweet smelling nectar, it attracted all kinds of birds and butterflies, people came here for picnics quite often, but since the day it became a dumpsite, no one else ever wanted to pass here, the piles of plastics and sharp objects both metal and glass makes the place an hazard to the neighborhood at large, the pungent smell from decomposing heap reaches your nostrils many miles around, radioactive waste from the electronics has leached deep into the ground, you can see this land has lost its beauty, it can never be made a safe habitable area for residency again nor can it be made fertile for farming.

I assure you this my daughter, if you do not let those hogs you call friends dump their trash on you, you shall never lose your dignity, stay away from all of them if it’s possible,” he said with a stern voice, “from the day you were born, you struggled a lot and have come thus far, you didn’t have them around by then, yet you had everything you ever needed, let them not waste your time hanging around you trying to fool you into thinking that you really need them. Dare not defy me.

“Listen to me carefully my daughter,” says the gardener, “I am your father and know what is good for you, even though you might not like the way I ground you now, you will realize later I did it because I cared much for your, those men you bring around are not friends, what friendship will you not get from other good girls, your schoolmates and your little friend, the cheerful neighbor’s daughter, what company will you not get from them? From this day on never again shall you ever bring men into my house calling them friends. They are no friends, but wolves in sheep’s clothing ready to devour the sheep when the shepherd lowers his guard. If there is anything that troubles you please let me know, I am your father and will listen to you,  keep nothing important secret from me, I may appear fierce to you but please remember I can never harm you, a bear never eats his cubs, it roars loudly only when there is sign of danger.

In this world people don’t like those that want to do good, if you come up with a project that is going to aid the community in a greater way, you soon find yourself being called public enemy number one, they love pirates, bandits more than philanthropists, diplomats etc., anyone that can make them feel good, they shower with love, the best thing you have to do is to curl yourself up like a millipede and go back to your wormhole.”




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