Bad Apples always threaten to destroy the team spirit & wash away all progress, you should throw them out the very moment you spot them.

Bad Apples always threaten to destroy the team spirit & wash away all progress, you should throw them out the very moment you spot them.



In your position as a captain you have got to figure out the bad apples from fresh ones and get to keep them in separate sacks. There are juniors who are always dissatisfied with each results that come, which later grows into resentment, anger and eventually hatred towards the captain. With their beliefs they go forth to spread the spirit of rebellion among all workers, to make it look like everyone else is tired of your mistreatment when its only them who don’t want to see you around, if the captain for all the time has loved his crew dearly and has done everything in his capacity to guard and sustain his crew during the voyage, then there is no need for them to throw their best long serving captain into the sea. That would be an act of treachery. You will just see it in their actions, the bad apples are always restless. Full of rage and bitterness, they are never satisfied with anything. Always eager to hurt someone. So clever they are actively deceiving others, they are confident enough to pick up torches and come down to burn the hacienda.

If you act too swiftly and bring them to punishment, they might succeed in turning the crowd against you, you could just be doing what they had wanted you to do all along, something that will change the crew’s perceptions, a solid proof that you are indeed a rogue captain.

“The ship’s captain sat back and waited, down deep in the cabin below he rested, and then he heard some noise coming from the top, since he never cared, he simply dozed off. By the time he wakes up it was late in the afternoon, there was still some noise coming from the upper decks. Now cooled down a little bit, he goes to check what the hullabaloo was about. He finds one crew member being pinned down by four others onto a wooden pole. “Where have you been captain?” asked his first mate, “this flea almost sunk our ship while you were asleep, he cut the main sails into two and led them drift away with the ocean waves claiming that we were not fast enough. So we had him pinned down till you arrive, if we had left him loose he could have done something worse, maybe create an explosion that would tear through the ship’s hull. What do we do with him now?” they asked, the captain then had him tied up in strong ropes and be taken down to the belly of the ship where he shall receive an interrogation later on. He watched carefully into the crew’s eyes and saw that they were satisfied with his judgement, before he spoke.

“I knew this little guy was trouble before we set off for our journey, it’s just that I couldn’t prove it, I wanted to ask him to stay behind while we sail but other crew members thought it was a lame & unfair judgement and therefore protested that I should bring him along, now you have all seen what he’s done and no one will stop me from bringing judgement upon him. I waited till he created enough havoc for you to dispose him off to me.”




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