Bachelors greatly fear the wealthy and highly educated women of the twenty first century

Bachelors greatly fear the wealthy and highly educated women of the twenty first century



There is especially two category of ladies that men fear most, first is the highly educated fellows, and then second is the ones from privileged backgrounds. Parents are getting more concerned about the marriage delays of their kids, days are passing bye quickly and their daughter has not yet found a suitor. “What shall we do Reagan? Our children are aging before getting families of their own.”

If there is one thing men are afraid of then it’s the highly educated women, the gentleman would be terrified to find out that he is dating a PHD, or professor, when he himself did not finish the basic compulsory education, on the other side, there are ladies who are incredibly organized fellows and have fewer desires to quench, so they are relatively gentle and easy to cooperate with.

A guy once called his friend to introduce him to some ladies he had only just met, they were quiet interesting to talk to, so he wanted to know more about them, he had wanted to start a new relationship in an attempt to try to forget a previous failed one, they met at a popular café where they decided to conduct their impromptu meeting, the ladies made it on time just as he had hoped, they were served hot drinks and soon they were falling deep into an exciting conversation, a time came when each group asked to know the others’ background, education etc. the boys gave in their details first, they had barely made it through compulsory education, but the girls appeared more advanced than them, their level of education took the gentlemen by surprise.

The girls then repeated their courses to their friends, “this one, she is a nuclear physicist, oh boy the other one is a robotics surgeon, and she has also done advanced galactic and intergalactic astronomy, realistic quantum mechanics and Nano electronics… and many more professions the boys have never heard of before came in.

Upon hearing this, the guy almost fled after learning the girls were more educated and much more qualified than they themselves, he quickly puts his tail between his legs and walks away quietly without expressing any sign of humiliation, they fled like refugees, and disappeared onto the dark alley, never to be seen or heard from again. He had to do so lest his honor be tainted.

Do not speak too proudly of your academic achievements my dear, or else you shall make your future prince disappear for good, you might never see him again because he shall vanish like mist.

These are things that should have made her more attractive anyway, it gives out clear signs that she is a strong industrious woman, who won’t bother your wallet, therefore young men should start competing for her instead, they turn away and bury their heads in their games and sports. It appears her professional success has become both a blessing and a curse. The first thing he asks himself is, “she has done everything for herself what am I going to do for her to make her happy or at least please her?”

Wealth, success & honour status was traditionally perceived for men but now many women are getting these titles, this is a transformation that is happening in not just the so called developed nations but all over the world, nations are gradually pounded by waves of transformation of society’s structure, these effects are felt by everyone.

There are especially two kinds of people bachelors fear the most, the highly educated lady and the girl from high social class, or from a very prestigious background, they repel one another like magnets. A young couple that has been dating for a long time before suddenly things got messy. The girl upon realizing that her companion was leaving her, she screamed out loud to him saying, “Do you want me to be poor and foolish so that you can love me? Besides that, why do you keep running away from me?  You never even say hello, it isn’t my fault that I am like this, and I inherited this wealth from my grandfather so that should not give you a good enough reason to reject me.”

“No my dear” replies the young man, “you see there is a time when things change, when the vague reality of life is known to you, love becomes a myth, it fades away into the distance. It’s just that unlike you who were raised in indulgence, I was brought up in a life full of hardship, everything I needed I had to work for it from childhood on, way back as far as I can remember, my life was full of suffering, while yours was satiated with comfort. I am afraid that you will contribute very little if there is any to the progress of our family and you shall therefore be sitting on the sofa making demands, throwing words at me asking me to get you something you want while a servant polishes your nails, which are frighteningly long.

I did love you very much of course, it’s just that I am afraid of what might happen to us, I think it’s a high time I use more of my logic and less of my feelings.”

“Hey wait a minute interrupts the girl,” are you saying that the woman with dirty hands and shaggy hair is the ideal wife? You don’t want me to look clean, do you?” she grumbles,

“No I do refute that it’s kind of complicated matter here, it’s just that I don’t feel anything more special about this discussion or partnership. I would just be like another man servant (table servant) in your mega mansion, maybe you should be married by a prince that would make you equal partners.  A gentleman from a lowly background can never satisfy your ambitions, they can never achieve enough of your expectations.”




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