“Are you having Writer’s Block,” Overcoming the bad Spirit of Stagnation is easier than you thought

“Are you having Writer’s Block,” Overcoming the bad Spirit of Stagnation is easier than you thought




What do you do when you get stuck? For one to be able to do an efficient study or writing, their mind should be somewhere else, in all places conceivable in the world except the room in which they are in, be it in a study room, a library, whatever it is, if one’s thoughts and attention are concentrated in that small area, then does the spirit of stagnation begin to crouch in.

there is a category of people who usually give this advice about progressing your work, saying that, “should you find yourself stuck somewhere in your plot, you should go outside, take a walk for a few minutes then come back later when your mind is at least refreshed, then can you be able to proceed with efficiency,” such is true to an extent, unfortunately not all conditions can provide such an opportunity, it could be raining outside heavily, in other seasons you could face the biting cold of the winter snow, where are you going to walk? your neighborhood could be quite dangerous, many people remain indoors most of the time and venturing out too often is unthinkable, where are you going to walk? You could be living on the hundredth floor of a condo apartment or on the top of the tallest building in the world, going up and down your room itself is a hectic task, where are you going to walk? It could be in the middle of the night when your work comes to a halt, where are you going to walk, and you need to proceed with your scribbling anyway.

However there are a few things I highly recommend you do and I assure you will produce results as soon as they are implemented… 

I don’t know how this method works or how to explain it scientifically, the mind is most creative and works most efficiently when one is multitasking, when you are doing two to three things at once and are not under any time pressure, then you are most likely to enjoy your work, but when you are working only on one thing then the chances of you getting bored and quitting are very very high.

If it’s a labour-less day with no other responsibilities to undertake except that of your scribbling, then go out, start another responsibility, leave it half way, then come back to your scribbling, the thought of having another unfinished work waiting is enough to keep the mind active, creative, and efficient, “let me finish this one last sentence before I finish my laundry,” ye says unto thyself, that one last sentence turns out to be a paragraph which becomes a chapter, it gets late into the night yet you are still jotting down one more sentence, the clothes you soaked in water late in the afternoon have stayed unattended for too long in the water that dye begins to ooze into the wash bucket yet you are still clinging onto your one last sentence, it reaches a time when you have exhausted all your thoughts that there is nothing left to put down is when you have to abandon your scribbling and attend to other issues.




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