Are we going to get technology that will solve plastic Problem Soon Enough?

Are we going to get technology that will solve plastic Problem Soon Enough?


We have been seeing a lot of crazy technologies being invented lately. I am surprised to see some drone birds and bugs, these’re is a lot of technological advancements going into surveillance and spying these days, another crazy one that I see being pursued is cars that run on water. Yeah! I mean water only. You just pour into the engine any kind of water including the dirty water you used to rinse your clothes and the machine starts to move. If that day comes when you have to just pour water into a diesel’s engine and it starts running, then I would be glad to see it come, it would be a day to celebrate for all humanity.

Another technology that is being overlooked is the one that can help us solve the Plastic Problem that has plagued our world. Thanks to plastic, we have improved our lives a lot, it’s because of plastic that food hygiene has improved in many restaurants and food stores, without it venereal diseases would be spreading today like wildfire, plastic is now everywhere, it has become part and parcel of our day today lives. When you look around in your home to see that almost everything solid liquid or gaseous comes in a plastic packaging, even the device you are using to read this text has plenty of plastic in it.

Humans created a very beautiful thing from oil, they only forgot to remember that something has to be disposed off once it has ended its lifetime. But it turns out that very thing you threw away refuses to disappear, or should I say decompose, nature had a very efficient way of regenerating itself, everything that lived grows old and dies, it goes into the ground where it decays and comes back to life in a different form, but some crazy smart scientists decided to create objects that do not decay so that they can be used over and over again.

They thought it was a wise decision at the time little did they know that the whole planet will be choking with their invention just a few decades down the line. You don’t need to be a genius to figure out that plastic is a daily problem everywhere in the world, yet governments, NGOs, Companies and individual scientists seem to be not putting enough effort in finding ways to solve this problem. Everyone seems to be minding their own business at the moment.

Our stone age ancestors even though primitive always took good care of their environment, everything they used in their daily lives was bio-gradable, their homes were made of mud and thatched roofed which was basically plant leaves, they used mats and furniture made of wood, their clothes were from animals skins, well how beautiful was that? even though they didn’t know it then, they were the best human group to have inhabited the planet because they lived in harmony with nature and didn’t try to destroy it. That time when humans lived an ideal simple life that was respectable to nature is long gone, its never coming back.

It’s sad that the world spends much more money building useless weapons while the environment goes neglected, pollution from plastic and other substances in our surroundings gets worse and worse each coming year, yet no one seems to care enough to put the required brains and resources into solving the problem.

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