Are there any extra-colorful versions of Arab Fashion?

Are there any extra-colorful versions of Arab Fashion?

Hollywood likes portraying Arabia as this backward region whereby the inhabitants don’t have any beautiful fashion, for instance a rich western tourist would land in an airport in an Arab country and be met with people who are dressed in a single type of clothe. All the men would be wearing white robes while all the women would be wearing black dresses, I mean all the people in the film would be wearing one single type of clothes. Men one color while the women another color.

For those of us who have not travelled the world very much that’s all we know about Arabia, the only knowledge we have about Arabia is what we see in cinema, nothing more, sometimes I feel that these portrayals are a bit demeaning and prejudiced. In the films you see a fellow landing at an airport in an Arab country then met with people speaking Arabic, accompanied by their donkeys and camels, oh! come on buddy! Is it really true that you will find people travelling on the backs of their camels and donkeys at every airport of every Arab country you visit?

Arabia is always portrayed as this vast endless wilderness, covered with sand dunes for miles and miles around, and people there are always thirsty, is it really such a gloomy place? I believe there is more bright colors to what we are being fed by the mainstream media. Maybe those folks who have been to that part of the world for a long time can help us understand better.

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