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A little trouble in a small Caribbean nation
Cuba was not the only troubled island nation in Latin America in the 1960s. Many countries experienced a shift toward
The Puzzling policies of some small Caribbean Statesmen
In 1986 the 30-year reign of the Duvalier family ended when "President for Life" Jean-Claude Duvalier was forced into exile.
The unprecedented changes in the Latino Community
Events in the last several decades have given rise to new political and social pressures in Latin American society. By
During and just after World War II, the nations of the Western Hemisphere entered into several mutual pacts. Many political
Beware of Budget Phones
Most of us would like to go to the nearest electronic shops and grab the best cheapest phone we can
The frightening Storms brewing over Arabia after a terrible global conflict
  British Withdrawal from the Middle East Like the French, the British also faced major challenges to their influence and
How safe is your toothpaste?
  Maintaining your dental health is one of the most important tasks we have to undertake in our daily lives.
What are the craziest & funniest things you used to say and Do when you were a toddler?
  Ok, I go first. One day during family dinner in our late teenage years, our mother began to tell
Which World leader’s story inspired you the most?
This amazing man passed away back in 2013 almost ten years ago. But his memory continues to linger on in
Which Author has had the biggest influence in your life?
  For me it is none other than Count Leo Tolstoy, he is my favorite author of all time, I have
Why is the Scientific World Spending billions searching for life on other Planets when they could use that money to solve world problems?
  Do you have any idea how much money is spent on space programs? Scientific explorations of other heavenly beings
Are kangaroos partly to blame for Australia’s Bushfires?
  I have an Australian friend who says that the Kangaroos are partly to blame for the recent enormous and
Can Giant Pandas really hurt humans?
  When I look at Pandas they appear to be very gentle and docile creatures, they don’t look like anything
Haven’t our Oceans already been depleted of fish due to large scale trawling?
  Every single day large fishing ships scoop millions of fish out of the ocean floor. They do it so
Are there any extra-colorful versions of Arab Fashion?
Hollywood likes portraying Arabia as this backward region whereby the inhabitants don’t have any beautiful fashion, for instance a rich
Did Forbes Magazine unknowingly escalated Nigerian insecurity issues when they listed wealthy Nigerians on their Rich list?
If you are closely following the news , then you would know that recently, there has been an endless wave
Do you think it’s a coincidence that both Ukrainian and Russian Presidents have Similar First names?
Introduction I hope I am not the only person who is baffled by this but I have noticed that The
Are we going to get technology that will solve plastic Problem Soon Enough?
  We have been seeing a lot of crazy technologies being invented lately. I am surprised to see some drone
How should you react when you catch someone staring at you in public?
  This is one of the most embarrassing scenarios we always find ourselves in. you are sitting in public place
The Great American Chips Nightmare
For the last year and a half, people have been talking about a global chips shortage that is affecting manufacturing
When women First entered the Factories
In August 1914, Europe plunged into world war I. European countries found themselves in desperate need of war materials, equipment
Something really tragic took out the beautiful giant lizards called the dinosaurs
Dinosaurs disappeared abruptly from the fossil record sixty five million years ago, within a time frame of less than two
Simple ways to deal with people playing shell games in your business
Zero tolerance attitudes to fraud and creating anti-fraud culture is the narrative to embrace. However, preventions is better than cure,
The deadly weapons that emerged in the first mechanized global conflict
World War I was an industrialized war. Industry produced weapons with the same efficient mass production methods that it had
The Incredible Evolution of Warfare
  Wars have been fought throughout history. What has determined the outcomes of these wars? One answer is the bravery-or
Some drastic changes brought about by the industrial revolution
Beginning in the early 1800s, manufacturers increasingly applied the findings of pure science to their businesses, generating a new wave
When Latin American Economies were auctioned off to the highest bidders
Foreign investors, particularly from Great Britain, owned many of the new railroads, ranches, plantations, and mines in Latin America. Foreign
When Mexico first faced extreme internal unrests
The greatest upheaval in Latin America during the age of imperialism was the Mexican Revolution. For 35 years, one dictator,
What kinds of governance did the Europeans impose on the Africans?
The European powers that established empires in Africa generally used one of two forms of government in their territories. France,
When Scientific experiments go wrong, it’s the innocent people of the world that suffer the consequences
One of the harshest lessons of environmental biology is that the unexpected does happen. Precisely because science operates at the
The HIV Vaccine will soon be on your local pharmacy shelves
Since the AIDS epidemic burst upon us in 1981, scientists have feverishly sought a vaccine to protect people from this
I have a feeling that some women really need to do something about their dress code
This is a conversation that has been going on for ages now and I do not claim to be the
COVID 19 Conspiracies You Should Avoid at All Costs
    Disclaimer First and foremost, you should always check the WHO's website in order to stay updated with the
The Awesome Lives of Ancient Egyptians
Of all the ancient river valley civilizations, the Nile Valley civilization in Africa is probably the best known because most
A Brief British Control of Egypt
  Egypt had been part of the Ottoman Empire for centuries. However, by the mid-1800s, this empire was crumbling. The
African problems did not go away after Europeans gave away control of the continent
  After gaining independence, the new nations of Africa still faced many serious problems. While specific geographical and historical factors
Cold war adversaries used the African continent as their boxing ring
  Superpower rivalry complicated the efforts of new African nations to achieve peace and stability. As these nations sought financial
South Africa’s century long struggle for true independence
  South Africa's experience in its struggle for independence is a bit different from that of any other African nation.
When Life suddenly popped out of the seas
  Life evolved in the sea, and for more than a billion years was confined to the oceans of the
Central African Nations Continue to Suffer under the Curse of their Mineral Wealth
The Central African Nations of  CAR(Central African Republic), DRC(The Democratic Republic of Congo) and SSD (South Sudan) are Countries that
Did You know that dogs are excellent at reading non-verbal cues?
Dogs are much better when it comes to reading non verbal cues compared to their human counterparts, whenever they are
The Medieval Experiments with religious Icons
  The Greek word eikon (which means image ) retains, even in its restricted sense of religious image, the implication
Are we soon running out of wheat and other grains?
  Wheat is now a staple food in many cultures around the world. but this wasn't always the case. wheat
Top Countries with disproportionate Gender Ratios in their Populations
What are some of the countries with disproportionate ratios of men to women? We do expect that anywhere in the
A small Russian turmoil that eventually created the mighty Soviet Union
Russia was torn apart by revolutionary disturbances throughout the 1800s, it faced continuing problems in the early 1900s. Russians had
Man and the Ape may be very close relatives after all
Studies of Ape DNA have explained a great deal about how the living apes evolved. The Asian apes evolved first.
Familiarize yourself with con games people play to protect yourself as well as your business
Telemarketing Fraud/telephone fraud/ mobile phone fraud The telephone has long been used by the criminals to make calls pretending to
First shots fired at twentieth century European war
Germany's attack on France was launched across neutral Belgium. By September 1914, German troops had reached the Marne River near
When The world fought its first brutal mechanized warfare
Nationalists in Serbia, whose independence from the Ottoman Empire had been recognized by the Congress of Berlin in 1878, hoped
What are the early steps that sparked industrial revolution in Europe?
Before the Industrial Revolution began, Great Britain experienced a revolution in agriculture. This revolution started when British farmers began to
What led to the tensions between Spain and the United States?
In 1898 the United States became even more deeply involved in Latin American affairs. Its involvement grew out of disputes
political struggles in building the Panama Canal
In addition to governing its new and far-flung possessions, the United States suddenly had to prepare to defend them. An
A brutal British occupation of India
The British government ruled India directly after the Sepoy Rebellion in 1857. However, British control of the subcontinent remained essentially
Did European Colonialism really benefit Africans?
Imperialism was a harsh experience for the entire continent of Africa. The costs and benefits resulting from European expansion were
Diabetes is a deadly lifestyle disease that continues to plague humanity
Diabetes is a disorder in which the body's cells fail to take up glucose from the blood. Tissues waste away
The Search for life on other planets is wishful thinking that is futile & will lead to nowhere
  We should not overlook the possibility that life processes might have evolved in different ways on other planets. A
When Europeans decided to divide up Africa like a piece of Cake
  In the mid-1800s, much of the continent of Africa was still completely unknown to Europeans. Despite a history of
The enormous challenges facing intellectual property laws in the developing world
A number of people have resorted to infringing the works of others and reap where they have not sown, therefore
The World is already doomed, there is no more hope for planet earth
  Where is the Planet heading To? Everyday we hear an ever increasing number of stories relating to ecological devastation,
European Colonization of West Africa
  West Africa had been a major center of the slave trade. First the Portuguese and Dutch and later the
European Colonization of Central Africa
Henry Stanley's successful search for Dr. David Livingstone did much to publicize the possibilities for imperialistic development in central Africa.
European Colonization of East Africa
On the east coast of Africa, Portugal strengthened and extended its control over Mozambique. To the north of Mozambique, Great Britain
European Colonization of Southern Africa
European settlement in South Africa began in 1652, when Dutch settlers founded Cape Town as a resupplying station for ships
Who or What is really to blame for the Irish Potato Famine of the Mid 1800s?
One of the most wrenching changes of the 1800s was not the result of a reform movement. A terrible famine
The Marvelous Rise of Science Fiction
Storytellers since the time of the ancient Greeks have enjoyed imagining that people are capable of breaking the laws of
How Petroleum made our modern world
Petroleum-crude oil-and its products have been in use for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians used pitch, a thick, sticky form
Incredible History behind the Thonet Rocker
Michael Thonet, a German cabinetmaker living in Austria, invented a process that revolutionized furniture making. He used this process in
How the industrial revolution made our modern World
Historians consider the Industrial Revolution to be one of the two most important changes that have taken place in the
How did the Mercator Projections revolutionize navigation
When people look at a map, they usually have no idea of which projection cartographers used to construct that map.
The Zuma Saga Continues, South Africans both at home and abroad United in prayer for their beloved Motherland.
    The Jacob Zuma Saga reiterates time and again that forcefully removing heads of state from office however unpopular
There are Disturbing Similarities between Haitian and Burkina Faso Presidential deaths
There are striking similarities between the assassinations of the Presidents of these countries. First of all I send my condolences
The Greatest Legacy of King James
  In January 1604, James of England held the Hampton Court Conference near London. At this conference, James responded to
Among those who first gazed into the night skies.
Repeated experimentation and careful measurement-so vital to the scientific method-were greatly aided by the development of new technology. Two of
Who were the first bankers?
  One of the outgrowths of the Commercial Revolution was the formation of powerful families in Europe that handled trading
Many leaders in the world have adopted a Machiavellian mindset
Niccolo Machiavelli is considered one of the most influential political writers of the Renaissance. While the political theorists of the
The good olden days of theatre Performance
  People have enjoyed going to see plays as a form of entertainment since the earliest times. In ancient Greece
How did Seafarers find their way across vast empty oceans
The process of determining a vehicle's position and directing its movement is called navigation. The word navigation comes from two
How did common games begin?
People throughout the ages have played games for amusement and diversion. In some cultures, games were a way for children
European diseases almost exterminated the indigenous peoples of the Americas.
Today computer and communication technologies enable people all over the world to exchange information and goods and services, making the
The famous assassination of  French Revolutionary leader Marat.
It is hardly surprising that the art of France reflected the shattering changes brought about by the French Revolution. In
Some small improvements in European art
In the Middle Ages, paintings did not look particularly realistic. Almost all art was religious, and artists were not interested
Trumpets have been there since when man first learned to play music
The sound of trumpets has been echoing around the world for centuries. The first trumpets were made from hollow branches
Travel in ancient times was full of danger as well as exciting adventure
Imagine yourself a medieval traveler, perhaps-en-route from the Mediterranean to East Asia in search of exotic spices, silks, jewels, and
The most adored religious figures and symbols
Then Kievan Russia adopted Christianity in the 900s, the people were baptized and told to destroy their pagan idols. Holy
The Legendary Roman Baths
Ancient peoples were just as fond of taking a plunge into water as we are. The Romans were particularly fond
The incredible evolution of medical practices
  Who was the first person in your life to set eyes on you? Most likely it was a doctor.
The greatest memorials in the World.
That is the name of your school? Many schools, libraries, colleges, and towns are named for famous people. In this
Stadiums have been incredibly Large since their inception
  All over the world, millions of people crowd stadiums each year to watch sporting events. The desire to watch
Magnificent Greek Funeral objects
In the 400s B.C ., the Greeks had somewhat vague ideas about their immortality, assuming some sort of "shadowy" existence
Excellent quality Justinian Garments
The establishment of a silk industry in the Byzantine Empire began in the A.D. 500s with a few hardy silkworms,
Every Culture in the world has its own unique blend of spices
Do you realize that when you eat a bowl of chili, your food is seasoned with the same kinds of
What are the most common types of Landforms out There?
  Plains, plateaus, hills, mountains, canyons, and valleys are but a few of our planet's amazing variety of landforms, the
Thanksgiving Festivals around the world
When Americans sit down to Thanksgiving dinner each year, they are participating in a kind of celebration found in almost
Archeology remains such a hard work
Centuries in the future, when archaeologists excavate the buried ruins of a 20-story office building from our civilization, they will
Early Civilizations went through a lot of trouble to invent Simple Tools
  Stone arches, cement, highways, aqueducts, the waterwheel, the sailing ship, the compass-each of these technological innovations was made by
Fairy tales are present in virtually every culture in the world
  Once upon a time . . . " is a phrase that we all probably recognize from the fairy
A very very old India
The rich soil of the Indus Valley made productive agriculture possible. Farmers cultivated a variety of crops including wheat, rice,
The Incredible history of Money-How the use of Cash and Currency began and where the current global financial system is heading to
What is money? Quite simply, it is any object that people are willing to accept as payment for goods or
Who is the famous Siva?
Along with Brahma and Vishnu, Siva is one of the three great gods of Hinduism. Siva has many roles but
Carpets are old as time itself
People have been weaving rugs for at least 4,000 years. Although they were used first as protection against cold, carpets
Aggressive expansionism in 20th Century Europe
Early on the morning of September 1, 939, German tanks, troop carriers, and dive-bombers poured over the Polish border. The
The Hostile takeover of the Suez Canal
In 1955 Nasser had announced the signing of an arms agreement between Egypt and Czechoslovakia (acting for the Soviet Union).
There is a humongous Asian influence on the west and the rest of the world
For hundreds of years, Asia has exercised an incredibly powerful influence on the West. The ancient religions, philosophies, and martial
Khrushchev really brought a breadth of fresh air to the Soviet People
In March 1953 Joseph Stalin, who had ruled the Soviet Union with an iron hand for three decades, died. Stalin's
Belgian Brutality left  long lasting scars in central Africa
Perhaps the most traumatic transition to independence occurred in the Belgian Congo. (The Belgian Congo later became Zaire, which was
The Roman Empire was by far the most influential of all time
The Roman Empire collapsed more than 1,500 years ago, but in many ways it never died. Instead, it continues to
There really is a need for genetic diversity in our world
Generating Genetic Diversity is of a great deal of importance to the survival and continuity of Humanity. Paradoxically, the evolutionary
Early Christianity grew slowly but steadily
One of the factors making for the coherence of the early Christian churches was the remarkably early development of their
What was The Fuss about Magna Carta?
In June of 1215, King John rode to meet his angry nobles at Runnymede, a wide meadow on the banks
The Success of small businesses heavily depends on brilliant management
  Why do some companies succeed, whereas others fail? Strategic leadership is about how to most effectively manage a company's
Petroleum has always been there since the beginning of Civilizations
  Petroleum Definitely brought about the industrial revolution of the last two Centuries. Petroleum, crude oil and its products have
Surprising Reasons why many Startups Collapse
Technological causes If within an industry, there is failure to exploit information technology and new production technology, the firm can
What is the Fabergé egg?
It is an unusual piece of art that is an enameled gold egg containing a completely accurate model of the
Ancient Geographers were Surprisingly Smart
During the Middle Ages, Europeans' knowledge of the world greatly increased. The Crusades gave many Europeans a firsthand introduction to
Independence day Celebrations around the World
Most modern nations celebrate a day in honor of Their heritage each year. For many this takes the form of
The Downsides of Running Your Own Business
Every rose has thorns to go with it and every coin has two sides. That is the nature of most
The Upsides of Running Your Own Business
As an employee, you will always be governed by someone superior to you and will always be commanded around. Self-employment
Why is the planet earth round?
The earth is a dynamic body that has undergone various changes. These changes are both of internal and external origin.
There has always been mass extinctions since the beginning of planet Earth
The history of life on earth has been marked by periodic episodes of extinction, where the loss of species outpaces
Islam has come a Long way
Founded in the600sby the Arabian prophet Muhammad, Islam is today one of the world's largest religions, followed by millions of
The Greatest Legacy of King James
How come Goliath failed to dodge that tiny stone that was heading towards him, couldn’t he simply have ducked it,
A cruel man on a talking donkey
We are also told about this guy who was very cruel to his donkey, he used to beat it very
“We were told that Jonah was inside the stomach of a big fish for three days, was there any food
There is this woman asked another kid. (a tiny little girl) they say was caught committing adultery and was brought
There is this woman that Jesus found near a well, then asked her to give him water. Why did she
Do Jews hate Christians? Well there are some Jews I have met who don’t believe in the Messiah, they said
Is God a Jew? There are some rabbis in my compound who say so, and they have enough proof for
The carnivals were once simple parties that made everyone happy both the young and the old, unlike the way they
"Hey sire Darwin" a fruit vendor picks a coconut and hands it over to the young man, (a renowned researcher
Ape man gathers his gang(troops) and says this to them, those smooth skinned cousins of ours that live inside cocoons
To my surprise when most sentences cannot be translated directly from one language to another and still make sense, there
Languages as we know them are many and unevenly spread across the globe, some countries have more languages by a
After successfully going through a progress some critics emerge out of nowhere and give your work a tongue lashing, they
You know very well how to take bitter medicine, it tastes terrible, uneatable yet you need to forcibly take it
Its quiet common about how people brag about the knowledge they have acquired over the years, "I have learned a
Jake collects stamps as a hobby, I asked him why he does so and how it became his hobby, in
Winners look for strengths in others and become stronger, failures look for weaknesses in others and become weaker. Winners keep
It's heart-breaking to see how many people especially youngsters engage in dangerous activities in the name of "exercising freedom," watch
There are these fellows that are displeased with the alleged inner workings of their governments.  They then place lots of
Many people today live in countries torn apart by vicious civil conflicts, they are about one third, the other  third
you hear every day of citizens of a given country complaining bitterly how deeply flawed their leadership is structured, disorganization
“Fear the evil eye that stands upon that tower,” says Malcolm to his activist uncle, the dark lord who sits
A young nation is one that is less than fifty years old, a middle aged one is between 50 and
Every leader around the world has envisioned a prosperous nation ahead of them, they want their nation to become an
Most part of media reporting is based on current events, Just when you think you have known it all it
The judge upon reading this exposé of his personal affairs took his mallet went out to make war with media
Only after something bad happens that the people rush to call the media to record the events. People say, “I
People become suspicious of what these reporters could be after hoping there is no evil agenda hidden behind the so-called
There is a section of the mass media who want to shrink you to the size of a specimen so
Media business has gone into the hands of commoners, those not affiliated to any well-established media house, it has spread
There are journalists I have met whom I found to be of noble intentions and character, on the other hand
Many  news-persons, do they probably think that the viewers are silly and cannot distinguish right from wrong, facts from fabrications.
Every night I struggle with this thought  saying unto myself , let me just write one last sentence, one more
We have followed the character a long way now, we have feared his dangerous exploits, we felt his joyous and
What is the meaning of creative writing, a creative writer doesn't have to worry about what to put onto paper
There is a seven sister gang operating on a global network with their activities influencing every province & city state
Why do some girls have this feeling that someone is watching them? I am having a rest on the balcony
The general said, “Love your woman just the way you love your riffle, you take so much care for a
Man will always look for easy prey, he searches for an easy meal everywhere, he looks to the north, to
In the days of the old, brides would pick their grooms based on their bravery, this was a firm proof
An elderly man once said to me, “wedlock is such an unfair game, you will find either man taking advantage
Men can now buy love for a few days' worth of work. While riding home one evening we came across
We met a woman at the airport who spoke with a deep voice, all the guards feared her because of
The wooden legged man finally speaks his heart out saying... "Oh! Daughter of the Plumber, how I wish you knew
I thought I would finally live forever after, was I lying to myself? Could I have been living in dream?
My Sweet little Birdie left me because she felt neglected, "I did not take good care of her,” that’s what
All beings are made beautiful. And there is none that is better than the other, in wisdom or perfection Butterflies
“Discrimination can be in form of anything and from anyone, even from members of your own family, says my old
It is easy for the poor to adjust to a rich lifestyle with their newly acquired wealth but very difficult
Who said that human lives should be valued in terms of money, "so you are worth nothing more than a
I no longer visit Thompson at his mansion these days, because the moment I show my face at the place,
Communal Poverty unites people, those from different backgrounds join hands to overcome a common problem while riches divide people even
Those nations that feel very little to no impacts of planetary economic tsunamis are communities where the societies have cleverly
Staying connected to family and community still remains significant even after they have gone past retirement age. Some people bundled
These so called fans make demands that somehow trouble me a lot, they say we want to see more from
They build walls of confidence around their castle to prevent fear from getting into the heart, fear in turn finds
A guy who walks out of the countryside into the city thinks every person who communicates to him is nice,
Bojo is an evil genius, He builds a virus and an antivirus He creates a disease and a medicine for
In this high tech world, there is nothing you can hide ma-friend, spying has spiraled out of control, neighbors spy
Its technology that’s helping law enforcers perform their duties, without it criminal investigators wouldn’t be as proud as they are
Technology is spreading far and wide to the farthest locations of the globe, even in the remotest parts of the
There are a hundred trillion inventions that have not already been made, for those who are claiming that others are
Communication through the internet, telephone & regular mail(plus all forms of communication) filters out all awkwardness you would have experienced
Remember the awkward days of sending telegrams where you have to chop off important words in your message so that
So you believe you have been getting the worst things in life? Well you better listen to other people’s stories, you will be surprised to find out that you are not the only one who is always unlucky and always unfortunate
Many at times we may feel like the world has turned its back on us, that others eat all the
Followers want justice not repentance, when self professed Christians become too judgemental the work of ministry quickly goes down the drain
      Once a known burglar went to a preacher to seek redemption, he found the preacher in front
“You stole my sheep,” when Pastors fight over the flock, the ministry suffers.
  A preacher found himself as a mediator between two other preachers who were fighting over congregation, one claimed that
Early missionary work was greatly overshadowed by the slave trade
      The work of the missionaries  in the Coast of good hope, was often overshadowed by  the work
Pastors, priests, reverends and bishops face the most criticism and highest levels of scrutiny when it comes to matters concerning Righteousness.
      no preaching at home. If you are planning to minister, please do not do it right at
The Modern meaning of the word, “poor shepherd,” aren’t Pastors supposed to be poor?
      Should pastors be poor? It is said that Jesus was poor, he came from a very humble
Where to look when you pray
      Why do we close our eyes when in prayer? Aren't we supposed to look up into the
When Religious folk put on all white outfits from head to toe, does that makes them holier?
      I know of a minister in my neighborhood who goes about in white robes, each day he
Temptation Comes at a time & Place we least expected
    What was your most tempting moment? As we may not be that aware, temptation gets us at a
Dirty Music Lyrics especially from Death Metal Rock and Gangsta Rap Hip-hop are destroying the lives of many young people across the world
      Rock and hip-hop are the infamous music genres that are notorious for causing the youth to act
Many Pop artists and musicians have lost moral authority over the public and their families
      When lyrics backfire When a renowned musician went to conduct a motivational talk in an institution, he
Radio stations drum bad music into your ears so much until you like it
      They drum silly music into your ears, long and hard enough till you like it, even if
The Ascent of  Pop Music
        Music exists in many cultures, it came into use from the very first moment humans set
Our movie theaters are filled with films that are too violent, too brutal, too gruesome, and too harmful to the young generations
      I was going through this screenplay that some stage actors were preparing for a theater, the plot
I wonder why Modern day folks have so much love for savage Sports
      When an emissary  first went into a ring he was shocked beyond belief, he asked the fellows
Are scientists spending too much time looking into the stars and ignoring what is happening right here down on earth?
    worthless knowledge Once a group of travelers came across herders when they were crossing the country's plains, they
It is very hard to convert to your own faith the atheists and hardcore scientists who believe in the evolution theory, you can never make them believe in God
      Stubborn ape thinking. If you try to argue with a heathen scientist, you can never win, the
How many times have you heard of Darwin’s monkey stories? The theory of evolution is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard before in my entire life.
    People in my hometown often ask me, who is Darwin that I hear people talk about all the
Anyone who has ever been in close encounter with our ape cousins will surely understand that they are not that different from us
      Lighting chimpanzee fire. One day there was a heavy downpour in the tropical rainforest of Parantull, it
Hymns of the great apes
      The apes gather around a tree stump to meet their master, they begin to sing in chorus
Archaeologists could be a bunch of fanatics who claim to know about a past they never lived in
    lifeless bones. Every time I look at works of presentations of these scientists all I see is a
The difficulty and absurdity of learning a new language.
    My experience with French I have been to alliance Française and the experience was great, I would go
The Simplicity of language and well hidden meanings
    A professor was trying to explain a psychological process the scientific way, in his newly published journal titled,
How hard or easy is it learning a new language?
  I wish I could speak a thousand languages and interpret ten thousand tongues, how would the world be like
Having great difficulty communicating? There are many millions of people in the world today that have a problem of stuttering?
    A visitor asked those besides me, “what’s the matter with him, doesn’t he talk? No! What then? I
How clear are you at describing yourself? words are quiet difficult to find.
    one word for many. One beauty of language is that one word can be used to describe many
English is hard
      English is hard, though we try to speak it well, we still can't say the words correctly.
The Global struggle between Superior and Inferior languages, why many indigenous languages of the world remain endangered
      What we are experiencing today is the marginalisation of inferior languages by superior languages, the languages used
The vast differences of world geographical regions has led to the development of numerous complex languages
        One thing you'd discover learning a new language is difficulty in saying the words correctly, the
English my language my life
      Some Brits say, “the Yankees have corrupted our language, the pure tongue of the angles & Saxons,
English my language my life
        Some Brits say, “the Yankees have corrupted our language, the pure tongue of the angles &
If you want to be like the Romans, then you better go to Rome
      My distant friend Abdul stays in the Emirates, Abu Dhabi, he complains so much about having an
What does it feels like meeting an old friend after many years apart?
      Once a military police took his pregnant wife to a general hospital, she was beginning to experience
Can motivational Speakers really inspire the lazy folk to do something great?
      The like-minded people speak the same word in a sentence, only the somehow successful people get to
There is no denying the fact that in everything you do you will likely face obstacles at every turn
        There are times when we feel vulnerable to the traps laid in our paths, but that
A child’s strong faith is like a towering lighthouse beacon over the dark shores.
    When I saw papa leaving, I used to follow behind asking, hey papa where are you going? Can
When everyone is too excited, nothing gets done at the workplace
      If one is planning to do something, if they really intend to achieve a particular goal then
The Joy of doing what you love
        Some people who are claiming themselves to be professionals are teaching our juniors that they should
It seems to me that everyone nowadays wants to quit their day job to start their own businesses
      Argument-3-a better job. A guy was asking workers in a shoe factory to quit their jobs so
How do People manage to live under the Most Extreme Weather & Climatic Conditions of the world?
      There are places in this world where weather and climate are so extreme, you begin to wonder
When things get tough the tough gets going
        When things get tough I would continue encouraging myself, to make myself believe that there are
Why do many students study so hard yet have no grades to show for it? Are they doing the right thing the wrong way?
      After four years of some gruesome work I came to realize that I was flogging a dead
Career a Character changer, your are your profession
      Here's a list of sample career and what they will turn those that strive for them into.
Together lets put an end to procrastination the thief of time.
      I asked a prominent lecturer at a prestigious University to help me fight procrastination. He agreed to
Exile a new home
      Ninety percent of citizens in many countries don’t trust their governments, ninety nine percent of those governments
Enemy at your door, there is a thin line between toughness and cruelty
      Some travelers walked into the entrance of a castle with what looked like a suspicious cargo, a
Government structures are a reflection of the Society they rule over
      There are no good governments, only bad and worse, if citizens are complaining that their government is
Smear campaigns always backfire on the rogue politicians and eventually lead to their loss in an election
      Victory in politics as it has always been is all about winning more hearts than your opponent’s
Solvable conflicts, how hard is it to settle social disputes
    There is a list of conflicts that can be solved while there is another category that cannot be,
The Last American Buffalo
      Chief Okalavou the ruler of the left western Indian tribe is fearing loss of his chiefdom, so
Can business and politics mix?
      An old tycoon was asked by his friends to run for the seat of the governor, "you
The idea of “new world order” is a fools dream, something that will never happen, there will never be a one world government
        There is a group of policymakers & lawmakers who are fooling themselves that someday there is
Government Secrets are dangerous Secrets
        An applicant once went into a renowned state office to apply for a job. The agency
Ideological warfare is tearing the world apart
        There is more ideological warfare going on around the world than the physical one. The globe
When Multinational corporations grab indigenous land fights are imminent
        International corporations do face a tough challenge when investing in many foreign countries outside their home,
Is anti-migrant rhetoric a form of patriotism?
      Patriotism creates a sense of national unity, the citizens get to feel a sense of oneness and
The 21st Century crusaders, the war on terror appears to be a loosing battle
        Once a group of youths gathered in a huge stadium, all young recently out of school,
Acts of Religious extremism by some radical fanatics taints the reputation of all those that practice the faith, including the non-violent ones
        A group of young men were caught trying to cause harm to the public by rigging
Which are the most tolerant and culturally diverse Cities in the world?
      A city of foreigners. A Middle Eastern man who had been living in North America for decades
Ethnic colonialism on the rise, countries with the lowest birth rates feel most threatened by immigrants who have a culture of keeping large families.
      Nations that are minimizing birth rates in their homeland slowly kill their native population and open themselves
The plight of refugees, Migrants go through hell while seeking asylum in host countries
        Here is the plight of refugees that have found themselves to be living in a foreign
Elected leaders are the puppets of the people
      The people of today, they have no respect for their leaders, they shout at them, and draw
The Media Business Changes People.
        I had a friend who joined the media business a few years ago, before recruitment he
Corporate Witnessing is False witnessing, How the Mainstream Media is distorting news information for Profits.
      Media press just like any other industries has been hugely commercialized with tons of money pouring into
The media power slogan 
    This is the media power slogan as of today sung by Eddy Jeer Pierce The media has POWER
We may need to have a media accountability bill soon
      Some members of parliament began pushing the proposal that says investigative journalists and telecasters should be held
The Media Feeds on the Negativity of our Society
    When the Media Fell In Love With Scandals. A section of the media industry love scandals so much,
Should the mainstream media be held responsible for the negative consequences of their reporting?
      People blame the media for fueling riots at the public square, while the media blames the people
Journalists Spreading Hate Speech
      There are these two journalists nicknamed Bojo & Matisi from WWB (World Wide Broadcasting) and DAN (Dynamic
Very Important News.
        Jimmy taught me a very intriguing dialogue, it goes like this… When someone tells me there
Will Bad News Ever End?
    I was listening to a reporter  a while ago on a satellite television, he had visited a certain
Everything Wrong with media interviews and Debates
  I have seen how some of the media personnel curl themselves behind a camera like a chameleon then throw
A lot of negative Perceptions we have about many parts of the world have all been shaped by the mainstream media.
        A significant change that has taken place in the modern society is the way communities from
Many at times journalists are too emotionally involved in the stories they are covering
  A serious issue at hand is how to distinguish media reporting from media activism, is it appropriate for well-established
Editors at big media houses have a bad habit of manipulating and distorting information before passing it on to the public
      At around two Millennium B.C Egyptians were working on a quarry to erect an obelisk in honour
Media Scrutiny a war of Veils and Curtains
        Companies and individuals are fighting for obscurity and confidentiality while the press on the other hand
The Public’s fear of the mainstream media press
      Fear Factor. Some people fear the media more than they fear the police, when they hear a
When will the Media stop intruding into our personal lives?
        In this world you will always find a group of idlers laying around all over the
What a terrifying thing it is to find yourself in the media spotlight, when you are turned into an object of study by organizations & Corporations,”
        A family went into a theme park one sunny weekend afternoon to have some fun. As
The Buster is busted, a great deal of discomfort is created among listeners when Popular radio stations stubbornly continue to Play music that has perverted themes and frequently feature adult discussions.
          I was once travelling in a public bus when I experienced something shocking, there was
Experiencing the traumatizing publicity that comes with instant fame is like being stung by a swarm of bees.
        This is what happens to someone who comes out of anonymity and instantly rises to prominence,
The Ghoulish behavior of the mainstream Media, When journalists take too much interest in Negative and disturbing events
        It is an unfortunate thing to say there are many journalists who have lost their lives
Blackmails and all attempts to blackmail will always backfire, it never brings any good to anyone, neither the victim nor the extortioner
      Blackmailing and other threats arise not only from professional journalists but also from ordinary individuals as well,
Trying Very hard to leave behind a life of crime
        A renowned journalist went to visit a former inmate who was released on suspicious grounds; the
The Media Intimidates the public with Nasty Questions
        An interrogator once asked a farmer, “Do you have snakes in your house?” The elderly man
What news do you bring?
          Its quiet common in the early days for the media personnel to be attacked by
Calmness and relaxation boosts memory
      Once a primary school teacher took his class on a geography tour to a famous natural wonder
Teaching old dogs new tricks, How much difficulty do you have talking to grownups?
  Who are you? When you give a well thought out lecture to a bunch of grownups, they ask you…"Who
Many News Reporters, Publishers and editors are a bunch of Liars
      The good thing about penning is that you don’t have to tell the truth all the time,
The sad story of slavery, even today the negative effects of this dark part of history as still felt
      When I read stories about slavery my heart is torn apart, the stories are so painful and
The plague of plagiarism
        Plagiarism though a common problem to works of many authors should not make them too stressful
Poetry the best way of expression
        A famous astronaut was asked by a reporter after landing on the ground from a space
Do you need to hire a biographer or should you write your own autobiography?
      Right now when I am still up and down, working here and there, doing this and that,
Working Alone and Minimizing Distraction may be the best way of fostering creativity and boosting productivity.
        Distraction is one of the hardest challenges budding developers get when they are making their time
The fairy tales feature events that are the exact opposite of what people experience in their day today lives.
        Many at times you find yourself having to twist the story a little for it to
The true Value of texts
      True value of texts is priceless, receiving a copy of manuscript of a sailors many years of
“Are you having Writer’s Block,” Overcoming the bad Spirit of Stagnation is easier than you thought
      What do you do when you get stuck? For one to be able to do an efficient
There is always room for more ideas
        There is nothing new under the lampshade, as it is said, you can only write what
Dead men talking, when the stories of your past misfortunes become the thriller of the town
      Some silly fellow wanted to join the army before he can finish his history thriller, he was
Doctor Quill-The master of all Scribes.
      When the scribe is given space, if it's as huge as the palace or as small as
A good story contains balanced proportions of both Femininity and Masculinity
        It is recommended that when scripting the  first chapters of a novella, one should separate the
Bookworms never quit, why education is still the key to success in life.
      Some students were asked by their supervisors to offer academic support to their friends whose grades were
So you have been buying books for others to read
      The book collector My shelves are always hungry for more books, always thirsty for more words. Your
Too much critical thinking in a creative environment slows down progress and brings the engine of imagination to a grinding halt
      Too much critical thinking in a creative environment slows down progress and brings the engine of imagination
Even with the overwhelming emergence of electronic mail, shortly known as e-mail, the regular mail service is still going strong
      Sometimes back in primary school, (about fourth grade), Madame Lusack gave me a letter to take home
Its not a good idea to predict the ending of a thriller novella for you will soon get bored and loose interest.
        It's not wise thing for a reader to keep trying to predict what the story is
Doodling and Drawing Graffiti is for sure a sign of high level of creativity among the youth
      At the beginning of your penning expedition you don’t even know what you are doing or about
Red Ink on Paper, reading a thriller Novella is like being drowned in a flood of words
      Some few adventurous folks have been wondering the desert after several days of painful search for water,
The baffled Expressionist, how confident are you in expressing yourself both verbally and in writing?
      The best place people can express themselves fully without any external hindrances is through pen and paper,
The wonderful and life changing experience of meeting your favorite novelist and getting him to sign an autograph on your printed copy
      Once a young lady decided to go on a journey to see her favourite author, she had
The unquestionable Power of the pen, words will continue to have more impact on the masses than the world’s most lethal weapons put together
      In the pen is where my strength lies, I can't do anything else, I can't dig, I
Do children expect more from their mothers?
      Even when a man is an infamous pirate of the high seas, some of his children still
When Romeo is put to the test, tragedy reveals true love
      A newlywed couple was walking across a mountain range during their honeymoon excursions when they spotted a
When toddlers fall in love, butterflies will sing
        After having a heart-warming conversation with his newly found friend Belinda. Little Jeremy came back to
Will you marry my sister?
      A guy once came to me to say this, "I would like to marry your sister, we
Bachelors greatly fear the wealthy and highly educated women of the twenty first century
    There is especially two category of ladies that men fear most, first is the highly educated fellows, and
Men’s roles are dangerous responsibilities.
      An esteemed contractor once said, “what some women fail to realize is that a portion of the
The Couples endless Conflict over Chores
  A couple once had a bitter quarrel over household chores that ended up impacting their relationship negatively, when the
Looks that almost killed,  can starring at women for too long at the workplace be called “harassment?”
      A while ago a girl nearly caused a tragic accident at the factory through her looks. There
Hot women in arms, formidable female fighters are now on the frontlines defending the motherland
      There was once a middle ages phrase that used to says, a nobleman instructs a knight, unto
knightess in shining armour.
  I looked upon a hill castle and saw a medieval woman dressed in royalty, her entire body was covered
My search for true love is still on
      When looking for a future spouse/partner men and women have different ideas of what to look for.
Feminist ideologies and doctrines may be destroying the minds as well as lives of many women
      Due to peer pressure from the workplace, motherly work these days is perceived as an embarrassing lifestyle
The next generation of children is going to grow up in daycares and orphanages away from the warmth of parental home-care
      Woe unto children that are born into this modern world, for your parents are wasting their lives
Merino schools for bad girls, what is the quality of education you should give to your daughters?
    The general then said, "our troublesome girls we shall take them to Merino schools(A girls boarding academy) where
A time is soon coming when there will be an absolute swap in gender roles
      A time is coming when there will be an absolute swap in gender roles, it is very
Feminism doesn’t have to be based upon the deep hatred of men by vengeful women
    I met two young ladies who were saying that they would never accept any help from a man.
A monument for the she-wolf, why are women’s rights activists hardly ever get appreciated by the society?
    I wonder why the women of this town never acknowledge the successes and achievements of other women, to
When Children misbehave, it’s the mother that often gets the most blame.
    I once met an angry guy who was saying this to his wife, "you gave birth to thieves
A Gentleman prefers a lady that makes him feel like an hero
      A gentleman does not care much about what his lady asks, whether it is true or false,
Dating at captain cook house and bar, whenever there is a romantic relationship between youngsters, conventional wisdom says that the girl is after the guy’s money while the guy is after the girl’s body
    “A young lady and a gentleman used to come into this restaurant a while ago,” says the waiter,
Guys want to marry good girls only after messing with the strippers
      The Tale of Roman General and the Greek princess Once a renowned Roman general came across Greek
Are children a blessing or a burden to women?
      Listen to this tale of a woman from Coddle Town. That little mystical motor town that lays
Small town girls with big dreams
      Selena grew up on a steep rocky Alps homestead, her parents took good care of her and
The unbearable pain of being dumped by your lover, when a man is completely broken and left to lament all day and night, he begins to cast blame on the wrong people and the wrong things
      My Sweet little Birdie left me because she felt neglected, "I did not take good care of
electricity the father of all deadly electronics
    Electricity is the father of all electronics Our world was pretty dark and quiet before electricity came along
The high tech and the high velocity cars of the future, is fancy car design going to the very extreme?
    I once walked into a showroom, I saw cars that looked like frogs and lizards, others have heads
The heavy diesel drinkers will be out of the market sooner than you think.
    There was this machine called by the name, Arnold diesel after the fellow who created it. The mammoth
When machines become a danger to humans, are there really any alternatives we can replace them with?
    When machines go on strike who can survive? It is quite apparent how humanity has become so depended
When machines break down in the middle of an important work or journey, it drives people mad to the point of wanting to break them into pieces.
              I do not trust all machines, they will always break down. They convince
Can machines be trusted? How honest are the machines we have built?
    I have heard stories of machines that can tell the difference between a true factual testament and a
When will we finally have our robot Servants to attend to each and every of our personal needs?
    During the industrial revolutions of the 1700s and 1800s some experts claimed that technology will soon take over
When Vehicles start to misbehave on the roads, accidents multiply a hundredfold
      slippery steering wheel At times you find yourself struggling with the steering of your car, you want
How far will people go in trying to prove a point?
      Shouldn’t you be glad you have become so important & invaluable that people take you for granted?
Think twice before giving someone a compliment, words have enormous weight
    Madame Galena lives in a beautiful mansion on a hill behind the swamp, she has a huge compound
I am having suicidal thoughts, Somebody Please Help!
      Don’t even try to help people who have made up their minds for self-destruction, you might end
Those Who hate others hated themselves first
    Remember that you are not the only victims of mistreatment from them, what they have done to you
Ugly talk ruins others’ morale as well as One’s own self-esteem
      Everyone knows something negative about others, the fools quickly blurt out everything they see and hear, and
How often do you face rejection, is it daily, weekly or monthly? It appears that there is an Ugly duckling in every one of us.
    endless rejection. "For those that are ashamed to walk with me in the public because of the way
What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror? Is it a positive or negative image?
    "My mirror has been a liar, it has always been lying to me and will continue doing the
Remember to dye your hair every weekend
    My wife has inherited this family genetic condition that made her hair turn grey at thirty five, when
When you ask a social scientist, what is the most important thing in life?
    What is the most important thing in life? There are a lot of good things in this world,
You don’t need to have plenty of beard on your face in order to become a grown man
    beard headed A guy in our neighborhood once came over and asked me this question, "hello baby face,
There is no such thing as a person with a perfect physical appearance
    A young girl once went on hunger strike for three days, on the fourth day her mother came
When you become too soft, you are turned into a punching bag by everyone else
    I have witnessed this happen numerous times to people who make the choice of playing Mr. nice guy
Variety is the Spice of life, the many different races of the world make the humanity look more beautiful
    I once asked a dog-breeder what he thought about the numerous races of the world, in reply he
Does bullying builds or breaks children who experience it while growing up in rough neighborhoods or at school?
      I came across a lady who did not want to take her children to school for the
New riches is a source of envy, it brings new foes and may turn your family & old friends against you
    New goods bring new foes. I can't believe my companions left me because I bought myself a new
Why So Rich so fast? When you suddenly get rich, be ready to answer a thousand questions from super suspicious folks
          When some folks say they need more transparency in your financial operations, what they actually
More Money means more problems
    A newly found wealth creates havoc. Money has magnified the problems of our modern day societies, it is
lose your cash and lose your friends as well, the brutal reality of the nature of most friendships
    If its money that made them your friends, now you have lost everything its most unlikely you are
The rich don’t like being called rich while the poor don’t like being called poor, but each desires to be referred to the exact opposite.
    The rich don’t like being call rich while the poor don’t like being called poor, but like to
Income Inequality Campaigns are a farce, The endless fight to end the wide gap between the rich and the poor will lead to nowhere
    The masses have gathered out in the city squares, protesting about social inequality, injustice, unemployment, inability to pay
Easy come easy go, money acquired through the wrong means will always be spent on the wrong things
      As the old adage goes money acquired through wrong means, will always be used in all the
    A Fork-lift contractor and the fixer once received a phone call, his partners from the other side of
The Grim adventures of a silver coin, do you have any idea of the places your paper money and coins go through before getting onto your hands?
    A silver coin fell off from the hands of an aristocrat as he was counting his money in
Money is a bad master, it has enslaved all humanity
    This bad master called money has managed to gain control of every aspects of our lives, it has
We came across a fake minister of the word on the streets of Vegas city.
    Here are the words of the false prophet we found preaching on the streets of Vegas, the homeless
Are the People of today obsessed with fake tittles that have no real value?
  I am a PHD It's quiet astonishing how some people place their educational qualifications and themselves to be far
Beware of Fake Generosity, People acting too nicely to you for no apparent reason means they may be having a hidden agenda, never accept gifts from strangers
    When someone helps you out of a problem then insults you shortly after that, such a person, I
Fake identity and anonymity may be a form of security.
      In the cities, people can live a more careless life because they only remain anonymous, and after
Life continues even long after retirement, family should never be cut off.
    When my time comes to retire, I will continue to work, not the hard blood sucking jobs at
    College, a waste of time Folks say, "Why should you give someone lots of money so that they
Beware of fake friendships, there are hogs who are always out there to destroy others
    Friends destroying friends If you want to make the whole world your friend, you shall surely suffer for
Some People You trust very much will surprise you one day when they decide to con you.
      There are people who would give you a present then expect something in return. Sometimes of much
Is globalization having a positive or negative impact on the cultures of the World?
    Many communities around the globe are reluctant to accept the modernization of things because of fear of the
    Trying to erase the past Bad memories will always remain with you no matter how hard you try
Are Electronic gadgets making our children smarter or even more foolish?
I was in a waiting room with some people to see an advocate, then there was this kid who was
Are Technology gadgets useful tools or a source of distraction in the academic institutions?
    Attention deficit has been on the rise in university colleges due to the widespread penetration of electronics or
Will the digital Technology of our age destroy print once and for good? Does the invention of computers, e-readers, tablets and smartphones poses a serious threat to the printing press?
      The rise of the machines is at hand, age of electronic devices has begun and are adding
The Internet of the World Wide Web has become a huge global library where anyone from anywhere in the world can go find anything they are looking for at any time they please
    The good thing about online search is that you get information you were searching for immediately, exactly the
Internet Crime often results in the boredom created by long hours of browsing the web
    As the old adage goes, an idle mind……. Surfing the web creates some form of idleness, as a
Distant Learning and E-Learning projects are promising concepts but in reality may be ideas too far into the future.
      Students will continue to learn the way they have done, the only difference is that they won't
We face Information overload and bombardment on a daily basis
    I imagined myself back in my cottage in the country side sitting by the fireplace. Taking a warm
Is technology a blessing or a curse?
      Has technology improved our lives or has it added more burdens to our already busy schedules? When
Foolish techno phrasing, How less tech savvy folks often try to make themselves look smart by misquoting technological terms & phrases
      I met a bunch of hill Billies who were arguing with one another about who's the most
The unreliability of electronic Gadgets
      The problem of electronics. It seems that electronics are plagued with so many problems, other than a
Digital Piracy is a serious problem of our age that is not going away any time soon
      I built an antipiracy software to help developers find out how many copies of their software are
The Criminal Record system is very counterproductive to our societies, its exactly what’s causing the crime rate to rise sharply instead of falling
    When an inmate walks out of jail then the criminal justice department announces to every vendor that he
Lovers who take one another to court often end up being exploited themselves by the very lawyers upon whom they have placed their trust
    Law of lovers. It appears that people who have very small families have the highest likelihood of losing
The justice system has become too extreme  and too brutal when it comes to punishing petty crimes
      Dim Justice. With your blind judges and wicked jury, they are blind to the effects their rulings
No court case is ever too far too difficult, most court hearings often result in reasonable justice to both the accuser and the accused
      Here's a thrilling tale from the land of the rising sun Here is the story of true
What’s the misery behind these aggressive, violent and out of control teenagers that are wreaking havoc on the local community? The laws that prevent parents from instilling proper discipline in their children will surely destroy the next generations.
    law of infants. I say this to the supreme court judge, "our children, you have let them grow
    the law of the animals. A boy was digging up  a hole for a pole , then out
Too much witness manipulation goes on daily in our law courts
      A witness appeared before a high court judge to give account of what she saw at the
Laws that change far too often inherently become unreliable and useless
    inferior law, a law so cheap. These days anyone can change laws as they wish, right now I
Law courts of today are overflown with too many lame cases
    courts will save us. It is the ordinary folk themselves who have made a great contribution to this
Genetically Modified Foods or GMOs as they are commonly referred to should be removed from our store shelves once and for good
    Combo Meal A scientist once said to his family, don’t we like rice, pasta, wheat, some pumpkins and
The Rise of evil Scientists
      Those medics that secretly did disgusting experiments to our wives when we were away, as a result
The Scientific community of today should never have adopted the Intellect of the Greeks of the old
    Greek philosophers I believe were mostly a bunch of silly old men, troubled by the hardships and responsibilities
Mad Scientists are on the rise, each day they come up with more shocking and terrifying scientific experiments
    A number of scientists I believe have gone too far in conducting their ill-fated experiments. It’s all madness
Genetic Engineering has become an unethical wicked Practice that produces hybrid animals which look so horrible you wont want to look at them
    Creatures of mixed blood. There is a scientist I have heard in my neighbourhood by the name Arnold
Wisdom is better than intelligence, science should learn from the wisdom of nature
    Nature is smarter than science, how does a flock of seagull find their way across the oceans without
Rogue Scientific Experiments will soon get out of control and destroy all humanity
    A group of scientists, philosophers and activists have embarked on a mission to inform the world that if
Scientific dreams start Young
    A farmer once gave a pair of peaches and apples to two of his playful kids, "enjoy yourselves
Why do People always hate their stay in hospitals so much? Spending huge amounts of time in and out of hospitals was one of the most traumatic experiences in my life.
    I do understand that people who visit hospitals really want to help give their support for the sick
Making Patients wait for too long in the hospitals can be a matter of life and death
      “Doctor what's happening, I brought my mom in here a short while ago, there still seems to
Great Doctors never use medical jargon when handling their patients, they always speak in layman’s language with soft & kind tone
    Doctor Stew Cardigans is one of the most popular medical practitioners in my home town. He knows so
Mental illness still brings social stigma in many places around the world
    Once a psychologically disturbed patient was taken to a mental hospital.  The psychiatrist told him to count bugs
Needles may be painful, but they turn out to be the quickest way to giving you a dose of cure and relief from excruciating pain
    A physician tells an elderly man to turn his back in order to receive an injection on his
Giving Clear and direct instructions is the key to getting things done in any organization
      The first great challenge is to communicate your ideas down to the juniors till they fully comprehend
Those that desperately want top leadership positions must be ready to deal with whatever challenges and hardships that may come with them
      If you want to be a general… You have to worry on their behalf, feel their pain
Teaching toddlers can be a very fulfilling and rewarding experience
      There are two categories of classes common in every school. Class A. (Good Listeners) Quiet and silent,
Do you know how to play chess? A game of generals.
    Why are the Slavs so dammed good at chess? Many of the best chess players all around the
Corporate Secrets are dangerous secrets
    An employee once uncovered some secrets of how they produced the best quality cosmetics at a relatively cheap
Bad Apples always threaten to destroy the team spirit & wash away all progress, you should throw them out the very moment you spot them.
    In your position as a captain you have got to figure out the bad apples from fresh ones
The demand to portray exceptional leadership skills beckons us at every turn
      At one point in life, people will face situations when they are demanded to demonstrate excellent leadership
Too Much Thinking Can be counterproductive to your work
The live wires go out in the fields to get work done, whereas the perfectionists sit behind to make plans.
The Joyous Feeling of Making World Changing Archeological discoveries
      A contractor accidentally unearthed an artifact when he was digging foundations for a building in the outskirts
Mediation is Key to long term peaceful coexistence between bitter rivals
  Two opposite teams have just been involved in a bitter argument. A fierce disagreement has just risen. You find
“Critics know the way but cannot drive the way,” says John Mason. Why you should always ignore your critics and just go about your own business without any worries
Where I work the boss loves one of the employees called Johnny so much, every time it's about Johnny Johnny
Rigorous training may help put those stubborn juniors back on the line, but first you must understand each one of them personally
  A good horse seldom needs a spur. If they have really made up their minds not to do work,
Continual motivation of staff by supervisors keeps the team spirit high, the work gets done faster and more smoothly
    No organization can run properly without the presence of a head, I remember there was a time we
There is an infinite presence of ideas around us, You become the keeper of the goose that lays the golden eggs when you are open minded and think freely
  Listen to this Story of the One Chic... A hen laid ten eggs, one was accidentally crushed by the
Growing with the customers is a part of maintaining momentum
  Starting and running a well-planned business enterprise is like a nuclear reaction, once it's triggered there is no stopping.
Most of the college professors that teach business and economics to campus students don’t have businesses of their own, what an irony?
Listening to the business coach   My Dad has an MBA, we asked him for some help, but he was
Luxury goods do well even during the worst economic times
my new hobby is selling to the rich folk   Goods of ostentation, that’s what they were called, I almost
Here are things You should never mix with business
    There are three things that do not mix…   We do not mix business with friendship. Some of
High taxation always scares away businesses from a region, a Multinational is a Multi-patriot, corporations love low taxes and will go any lengths to get it
      The duke of Cromwellson had the taxes levied on the merchants of the city increased by four
Immediate adjustments to the constant weather changes in the business environment is the key to survival in this hyper competitive world
  When the tsunamis of change come, be prepared to ride the waves, when you see the huge towering waters
How do you handle slow moving stock and stagnant ventures?
  I often ask my apparel in my store why won't you sell?   Receiving a steady stream of window
There is more money but less shopping, inflation hurts everyone in the economy
  Here is how I understand inflation and the problems it has created in the past few decades, a fellow
Fear of the taxman & the new forced labor.
  There are two people who strike fear into my heart the moment the sight of them shows up, the
Find a way to get things done at your own pace, excessive pressure from others may cause you to fumble
          To some people, your success may mean nothing to them, they’ll even despise your achievements,
Everybody wants the best cheapest, people want to buy a good quality car for just a penny and a good quality house for just a pound
      Everyone wants to buy at a cheaper price to save a few coins, they’ll get their hands
New Startups and Ventures are creating new demand all the time
  Someone creates something new, out of nowhere it came, so everyone seems to need it all the time, it
Everybody Now wants to quit their day jobs to start their own businesses, a really dangerous doctrine that is flying around the airwaves
  More Business Means More Bills to pay.   Better are those who started their businesses after losing their jobs
Everyone and everything is now going global
  However, the word global has lost its value as a way of commanding attention and respect from others, I
People always want freedom of Choice even in situations where it would not exist
  I know of a Shrewd grocer called Max...   The grocer then spoke, “Miss Maree here is my biggest
Its never a good idea to share your dreams and ambitions with others for they will belittle and discourage you
      Never share your corporate ambitions with your friends, family workmates, neighbors etc. because they will believe you
Investing in Nature Conservation is like growing Money trees
  A time will come when people will put their money into trees, when the price of one log of
The Notion that rapid population growth often leads to rampant shortage of foods needs to be properly examined
  It's not that we fear the future populations will not have enough food to feed themselves, it’s a mere
What is Carbon Tax and why it is a necessary evil for implementation in all industrialized Nations
  A week ago a controversy ensued between some factory owners and municipality of queens Ville town. The town clerks
Humanity shall soon witness the fury of mother nature, with all this environmental destruction and pollution that is going on around us, Nature has an ingenious way of fighting back
    Humans are newcomers to this planet that turned out to be ungrateful guests   Mother Nature who has
Could it Possibly be true that the warnings about the environment and climate change that we are bombarded with daily may have been grossly exaggerated?
  Keep in mind this is not just the work of environmental alarmists.   An industrial giant factory owner blames
Open Pit and Open Cast mining continues to make an ugly face of planet earth
  Planet earth has an ugly face, says the moon, you once mocked me saying that I am an old
We are all soon going to live in an extremely toxic, Polluted, dirty & dangerous World
  Man still continues to defile the earth, his children defecate on the lakeside and spray urine into the rivers,
The evident Wretchedness of the banks, why it appears a wise thing to do when you keep your own money and not deposit it into your local banks
  After the sudden collapse of one of our most trusted local bank and several financial organisations nearby, people began
The True Captain Versus the False Captain, The heart-wrenching Poems of Captain Job Seals.
  Here are the poems of captain Job Seals, the one who sailed mighty ships across treacherous seas and anchored
Mars Missions and other space travel programs are nothing but a hoax to entertain the masses, starting life on an alien planet is nothing but a mad man’s dream
  I am often fascinated by the stories I hear in the media about people moving to mars in the
Mr. Strong Man, why I Joined a professional Sports and fitness club & kissed that potbelly goodbye
I run a whooping forty kilometers a day, do you believe that? "How exactly do you do that, do you
Citizens of the World of the Twenty first century are luxury lovers, these Millennials want it all
  Though most times of our lives we are shadowed with sadness, struggles & exhaustion, the few minutes we get
Humanity may need to turn to Vegetarian habits if we are to save the planet from over-exploitation of its food resources and environmentally destructive agricultural practices
  You are comfortably seated in the living room, while the host prepares something for you (the visitor) in the
What are your most memorable tour adventures and destinations around the world?
  Since childhood I have always wanted to travel to Egypt, to dine with the Pharaohs, and take a closer
Art is for all folks, let none say to you, “I don’t know how to draw a circle or I don’t know how to correctly smear-paint margarine onto a slice of bread”
Art as I perceive it is a hobby worth investing your time in, it helps one forgets the hassle and
Tell me Something funny, you goofy fellow! you have got to make me laugh till i crack my ribs, till when I go ha! ha! ha! he! he! he! hi! hi! hi! ho! ho! ho! hu! hu! hu!
1-Fresh Funnies. What is the most recent time you had a good laugh? At one moment or the other people
Domestic Animals that continue to sustain us with their invaluable products
  A huge chunk of our diet is made up of animal products, in many places you will find that
Has the Selfie Culture Gone too far?
  Have you seen people taking selfies in places they shouldn’t have before? I see that all the time, I
Who named the parts of a computer, the monitor, the keyboard and the mouse?
  First of all I would like to say to the millennials that we are talking about the generation that
Girl Power is at its Climax, Women now occupy nearly every known occupational & Professional Fields
      Some fresh graduates applied for a job that was advertised in the papers, many applied for it,
Recent Amazon Forest Fires is a sign of very bad omen and warning of what is soon about to happen to the world’s tropical rain-forests
        We have seen in the news recently of the "great Fires of the Amazon Rainforest," the
Is The Developed World loosing hope for a solution to the Opioid Crisis?
Its unfortunate that the opioids are creating a serious menace in our modern society, my condolences to the families that
Too High Incarceration rates, have turned out to be more destructive to the society because most inmates never learn any lesson after serving time
The great irony of prison systems is that Nearly all inmates never learn anything after serving their time in jail,
Planet “Doom” is already here, we are soon going to live in a world without water
      The world is facing a serious water crisis. Water in the rivers, lakes and ponds is diminishing,
The Migrant Crisis Across the Globe has exposed the vulnerability of many Powerful Nations
The modern day migrant crisis has cast a new light on the Vulnerability of Nations, Problems in one Country can
The Sweet dreams and ambitions of Children who say, “When I grow Up I would Like to be so and so…”
  "When I grow up, I would like to be a Doctor, Engineer,  Clown, bartender… and so forth" What did
Very Ridiculous and unrealistic expectations typical of many entrepreneurs. The weird wishes People Have About making Money and getting rich quick
    Many people dream of seeing a day when they shall have full financial freedom, everyone dreams of making
Journeying through Ancient Egypt – A quick tour of Egyptian Relics
There's been turmoil in Egypt in the recent years that threatened the country's lucrative tourism industry, international adventurers were scarred
How hard do you struggle to wake up in the morning?
Sometimes it becomes so hard just to get out of bed in the morning to attend to your daily duties,
Who said that short guys cannot date tall girls?
  Quite  often, Short guys are teased by their taller counterparts, who claim that their minuscule height reduces their chances
What is the Best Insecticide out there? – I keep Spraying over and over again. The Bugs won’t die.
I have been spraying these roaches in my house for so many years that I am at the Point of
A recent disturbing trend of Passenger Planes dropping out of the sky like stones, my extreme fear of flying and why I will never fly again
I have always feared flying. The recent trend of these so called super advanced jets falling out of the sky
Every Country is soon going to plant their flag on the moon, the recent space race reveals terrible mistakes made by Neil Armstrong and his Apollo crew
The recent space race has exposed the tragic mistakes that were made by Apollo astronauts more than fifty years ago.
The Dubai Princesses, Saga, how the words and actions of Some Emirati Princesses threaten to bring down their Magnificent Desert Kingdom.
…   First of all I am speaking on my own personal account, so let no one take my words
Every Website Now Uses Cookies which makes them very dangerous, why you should reject all cookie requests in order to protect yourself from spying and Potential Malware Online
  It's quite difficult nowadays to find a website that is clean and free of all these kinds of annoying
The never ending fight against Gun Culture and Gun Violence, a top menace of our modern times
"We need to have  serious changes in our gun laws," despite all the devastation we are seeing that is created
The ever increasing devastating effects of Natural Disasters
Natural disasters face us on a yearly basis, many occur on their own without any human interference, disasters such as
Fashion Models are a bunch of starved anorexics, They are Nothing more than Walking Bones on the runway
I never stop wondering why the fashion industry stubbornly continues to cling to their "Slim Standards" for their models, when
Online Dating safety precautions every lady should have at her fingertips
Finding Love has never been easier, these days anyone looking for love even the underage can easily pick their electronic



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