Anyone who has ever been in close encounter with our ape cousins will surely understand that they are not that different from us

Anyone who has ever been in close encounter with our ape cousins will surely understand that they are not that different from us




Lighting chimpanzee fire.

One day there was a heavy downpour in the tropical rainforest of Parantull, it was so cold that the chimpanzees were nearly freezing to death, they thought hard and spoke to one another, “why don’t we light some fire and make ourselves warm? They looked onto the other side of the canopy and saw a man making himself comfortable and warm, they appear to be sitting around a bright yellow mysterious things and they looked comfortable. Feeling one of the chimpanzees wanted to go and have a feel of what this mysterious yellow thing is all about. It looks like bananas, then also it appears to be like ripe oranges.”

It sneaked into the cabin and sat at the fireplace on his hindquarters without anyone noticing a thing. At once again he was feeling warmth of the fire rising to his hands and moving up, up to its arms, then to his ankles and then to his shoulders, he wrapped his hands around his breasts, he was very excited, very excited he was that he could feel the warmth jingling his body, he has never felt like this before, he then put out a broadened smile on its face, on its second move it unknowingly moved its hands too deep into the fire, the little boy beside the fire place at once noticed strange hairy hands stretched deep into the flames, the boy raised his eyes which met with that of the chimp. The poor creature was staring at the kid with one hand propped onto left chin, the boy screamed, “aaarghh… pap look, the teddy bear is warming himself with our fire!” his father who was several feet away now searching for more firewood turned to see what he was insinuating, only to see a hairy black thing sitting beside his son at the fireplace, the poor creature seemed undisturbed by the boys screams as the bite of the nights cold was beyond any fear he could substitute with, it sat there calmly while the little boy was frozen by terror, his father rushed in to his rescue, he pulled out a long pole for which he was about to hit the ape who noticed it coming and ducked it just in time.

 it jumped to the opposite side of the fire and sat legs crossed, the man approached it now fierce with anger and his pole clenched to his hands more firmly, he gave the ape man a second blow, it fell right into the palms of his left hands, the camper tried to pull back his pole turned into a whip but it was all in vain, he pulled then pulled again, and a third, fourth time, the ape man was stronger, he gave a terrifying snarl that took the camper aback, he leaped backwards for his safety, the ape man now also annoyed and cold showed his terrifying teeth, he growled deeply and howled out loud as if was calling out for other members of his gang. The camper had no choice but to let his strange visitor enjoy the warmth of his bonfire, about two and a half hours later, ;late into the night, the ape man satisfied with the campers warmth, slowly walked away into the dark, it never came back, neither had any  other ape ever approached the camper’s dwellings thereafter.

It was a tale to tell, man before had an ape man come so closely to his smooth skinned cousins, and still acted so bravely and so wisely(cleverly), the kid kept asking his father, “what was teddy bear doing near our bonfire last night?”

Into the woods

Once there was a man who left home and went to live in the woods, he stayed there for so many years that he had forgotten to speak the language of the people, he forgot  to speak because he never got regular contacts with the humans, his face became overgrown with so much hair, he looked like a huge terrifying monster, his relatives found him and tried to bring him back home, each time he was brought home, he turned  again and  went back into the woods, his mind became like an ape, he played with the apes, his thoughts were those of an ape, everything about him was all ape, he grew hairs all over, his head, his face, his hands, everywhere was covered  with hair.

One day there were no fruits in the jungle, it was a dry season and the trees took too long to blossom. When he could not hold any longer, he approached a local farm and began to pick some corn from the farm as he ate, the farmer’s daughter heard something in the farm and went to report it to her father, who came out with a long bow, what the old man remembers was an arrow piercing his chest, he dropped down dead, when they later found out that it was a man they had shot and not a grey haired macaque, the fellow felt so sorry for this poor man, his long lost friends recognised him and took him away to bury him in the fields, he was so much in grief, “I never knew it was a man, his hairy look made me think it was a spider monkey, so I just went ahead and shot an arrow through his heart without thinking these monkeys have destroyed my crops many times and have cost me great fortune, each time I chase them away they keep coming back, I decided to end this game once and for all, to put an arrow through the heart of every beast that encroaches on my farms ” it was a really sad day for the old man, contrary to what he has been before he died like one of the apes on an angry farmers backyard.




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