Animal rights have become too invasive into family homes, there are many people now who love their pets more than they love their own children



the law of the animals.

A boy was digging up  a hole for a pole , then out of nowhere a neighbor’s dog came out dashing towards him, it was huge and fierce, barking endlessly, all the other people who were around him had left earlier on, he was all alone, when the dog had reached him and was about to pounce on him, he clenched the shovel he was digging with and waited patiently, when the dog hopped to reach for his face, he swung the shovel from his right shoulder and hit the dog with all his strength, the baseball style, the sharp edge of the shovel went right through the dogs neck and  sabered its head which flew off tangent then touched the ground several meters away and rolled several times before coming to a rest.

A few minutes later people were crowding over the scene for it was very close to a very busy street, the boy was shocked later when he finds himself being grabbed by a handful of police officers and thrown into a  van, he was still in shock from the encounter by then, with the shovel still hanging from his right hand, and blood that squirted from the dog’s neck was still on his face, his prosecutors used this as an evidence for his  guilt  & barbarity, he thought the people were actually going to congratulate him for saving his own life in such an heroic manner, little did he know he’d be condemned for such an insignificant offense. In the trial the accused came out guilty for brutal murder of pets and was given four years of hard time. His father was utterly heartbroken by the results of the trial, he came up to these words to express his displeasure for the sentence…

“Your highness, this is complete madness, don’t you dare proceed with your legislative fanaticism you call justice. Four years of hard time? This is too much for this kid. So in your judgement you suggest the boy should have died and let the beast live, because it can be sold for a profit?

This was not a pet as you cleverly tried to put it, I know very well what pets are , they are cute little things  you keep around the house, this was a huge monster beast about to take the life of my innocent kid. With high levels of testosterone and fifty kilos of raw muscle, I tell you, your highness it was pure muscle, it can very easily overpower and  maul two grown men, it was bigger than the grizzly and its canines were more poisonous than the fangs of a rattle snake.

The people in this town tremble with fear because each day their pets are constantly growing unfriendly with their neighbors, Can’t you see that the boy was just trying to defend himself?

These animal lovers must be out of their minds, is an animal’s life more important than that of a human?  My boy took away the life of a fearsome beast, but instead of people rejoicing for his bravery that saved his life and rid the neighborhood of a troublesome monster, they are condemning him, this surely was no pet. A rabid dog does not deserve to live, no matter how beautiful its fur may look like.

This is not justice for sure your highness, are you saying that my boy should have died and let the dog live? My son was attacked by a fierce dog, he was only defending himself.

If you are in the fields with your pets, then all of a sudden thunderstorm arises, if you have one tent which cannot provide shelter for all of you, the law of the animals says that in such a rain you should remove the roof of your tent and use it to cover the animals while you remain standing in the storm, because they cannot shield themselves from the storm. The law of the animals says that you shall give four times as much food to your animals as compared to that you give to your baby.

A time shall come when animals shall make laws and men shall obey them




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