A monument for the she-wolf, why are women’s rights activists hardly ever get appreciated by the society?

A monument for the she-wolf, why are women’s rights activists hardly ever get appreciated by the society?



I wonder why the women of this town never acknowledge the successes and achievements of other women, to do it out of mutual love, appreciation, admiration and gratitude. Even those who worked hard to support them they won’t even say thank you to them, they are among the first people to backbite them. And become envious of her new comforting life.

When this happens, then the old fellows who had been beaten by the lady in the campaign now come back to jeer her, “we shall build a monument for the she-wolf,” they say unto her, “you wanted them to be empowered, now they are empowered, you worked hard for many years, campaigned extensively and your efforts have borne fruits. Will those women you have delivered from the bondage of cruel man build a monument to honour your name and sing their hearts out, praising the achievements of your life?

Because you have sacrificed so much for them, was the sacrifice well worth it? Had you invested all this energy in your family, you would be a happy retiree by now, isn’t blood still thicker than water?” you have spent so much of your time and resources on them, how come none has come to your aid, now that you are alone and weak? Was all your work in vain?

Some men said, “this is the villain that whispered evil things to my beauty queen, and made her walk out on me, so that she can join her in the woods, so that they can howl together in the light of the full moon, and bring terror to the sheep & shepherds of the province, you have succeeded in turning our women against us, now let’s see you celebrate your victory.”

“I wish I had not let her attend that hateful rally, after she came out of there, she was never the same from that day, she could not recognize me neither her children, when I called her, she did not discern my voice, she looks at me as if she was seeing me for the first time, she hurriedly gathered her luggage and ran off.

If she were teaching them good things like being strong, brave, industrious woman, then I would have been happy by now, but since she taught them many evil things like, hate, anger, revenge, superstition, they have turned extreme and separated themselves from the society.




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