A Gentleman prefers a lady that makes him feel like a hero

A Gentleman prefers a lady that makes him feel like an hero




A gentleman does not care much about what his lady asks, whether it is true or false, as long as she can make him feel like a hero she can get whatever she asks for.

Smart is the lady who makes his gentleman think he is strong, all the gentleman wants is someone who makes him feel strong and responsible for the safety of his family, even though he may be as weak as a twig, he want to feel strong as steel. If he finds himself in a place where his efforts are loathed, then it is better for him to spend all his days in the woods, and gnaw wood with beavers and racoons than to stay in a home where he is looked down upon. Since nothing from him is ever appreciated at home, the racoons at least appreciate the chunks of wood he leaves them, which they use to build their homes, the Silvertip loves uncle Tom a lot, when they see him coming the cubs are excited, because they know that after uncle Tom is done fishing he leaves lots of Salmon behind for them to munch, uncle Tom is a fellow they’d never hurt, when he is away they protect his fishing grounds from other bears and fishermen.

When the gentleman hears that his treasured companion has been hurt, he comes back rushing from whatever place he was heading to, “yes mi lady” is there a problem? I am here for you. “He says.

Let me be your hero song

Oh girl, let me be your Hero,

I am the golden eagle,

I will lift you up and carry you to the mountain top,

Up above the highest rocks and shelter you in the safety of the stone walls

Where no enemy will ever reach you

When the sun is high up in the sky,

I will raise my wings above your head

To cover you with cool shade

So that no heat from the sun will ever hurt you

Up at my home there is no place for crows, nor vultures nor filthy birds of wings.

Oh girl let me be your hero.

I am the black stallion

Fastest of all horses

Who runs faster than the north winds?

I will lift you onto my back and carry you to the countryside

I will gallop up the hill and down the valley gracefully

My hooves will pound the ground hard

I will show you the smooth hilltop that is covered with beautiful roses,

There you will relax from the long weary afternoon.

No sound of noise nor discomfort

Endless hours of peaceful stay.

Oh girl let me be you hero.

I am the lion king

The most fearsome of all beasts

When I am around, no one dares touch my precious

My roar is enough to scare the wits out of even the biggest and strongest

I will protect you from all danger.

Oh girl if you let me be your hero.

I am the shield of Hercules

Harder than rock and stronger than steel

No enemy arrow can penetrate nor spear nor sword.

When I am on your side nothing will ever hurt you

Oh girl if you let me be your hero.

I am the harp of Homer

I will play you beautiful music

And sing you sweet songs

The folk tales of the old ages

The legends of our forefathers

They will calm your anger and soothe your pain

Oh girl if you let me be your hero

I am the champion of champions

Never known a defeat all my life,

Oh girl if you let me be your hero…

A man does not care much whether the wife is telling the truth when making demands saying, I want this I want that, do for me this do for me that, as long as she makes him feel like a hero, he will be proud and eager to do everything she asks, even if he is actually weak & lazy, he likes to think of himself as strong and reliable.

He doesn’t care whether he is being manipulated a dozen times a day, as long as she can make him feel like a hero he could never mind. Nearly everything a man does whether in the fields, in politics in work is to try to win the woman’s reproach, acceptance, attention or approval. If he is not trying to please his deity then he is trying to please some kind of lady, all his energies are driven in that single direction. His actions may seem super heroic. But when you examine him further you will notice that he was trying to please some kind of lady.

The Princess and her Hero.

History has always been teaching us that the pretty princess is kidnapped by a fierce dragon who keeps her locked away in a distant unreachable prison on a very high tower, a home it fiercely guards, she stays there for a long time crying for help, but after a while comes along this young warrior that slain the dragon and saved the princess.

If we were to twist the story a little, it would go like this, “…. The dragon captured a princess then took her to its tower where she locked her in, but what it didn’t know was that the princess was a great warrior herself, with her might she broke the doors of the prison open, took out a sharp sword and pieced the beast through the heart.

When the young man arrived he found the dragon laying on the floor and the princess holding a shining sword in her hand, she had delivered herself from the beast’s bondage, and she does not need a savior, the young man’s enthusiasm then turns cold, he felt sad now that he is no longer needed, his time and energy was all wasted while traveling to reach her, he then turns and set for home, he makes plans to visit another kingdom, maybe there is another princess in trouble somewhere who might need his efforts.”




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