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Summer at Blue Sands Cove

Series Name:   Glorious Summer

Authored By:  C.P. Ward


The first book in the sparkling Glorious Summer series from CP Ward, author of Christmas at the Marshmallow Cafe and Autumn in Sycamore Park. Tired of the city, Grace Clelland returns to Blue Sands, the quiet Cornish seaside village where she grew up. There she will meet old flames and old friends, rekindle old loves and ignite new ones in a novel that will have you dreaming of the soft crash of the waves on the shore, the feel of sand between your toes, overloaded ice-creams and smoky beach barbeques. Not to be missed – the debut summer novel from CP Ward – the author whose Delightful Christmas and Warm Days of Autumn series have captivated thousands of readers worldwide with their warmth, humor, and just a little hint of romance…


Categories:  Fiction » Holiday » Romance » Clean & wholesome

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